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Parents: Pa. high school team taunted with slurs

BRENTWOOD, Pa. (AP) – Some Pittsburgh-area parents are complaining that students at a largely white high school dressed in banana suits at a basketball game and taunted their majority black rival with racial slurs.

Officials for Brentwood schools say three students have been disciplined. Superintendent Ronald Dufalla said Wednesday that he’s reviewing video from the game to determine if anyone else will be punished.

Dufalla says he was at the Friday game against Monessen High but hasn’t been able to confirm other instances of misbehavior. He says “there’s some misinformation out there.”

Monessen parents say that two Brentwood students dressed as bananas and that others hurled slurs including “monkeys” and “cotton pickers.”

Monessen coach Joe Salvino says he has heard similar slurs at Brentwood games in the past and says it’s “disrespectful.”

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