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Sister ‘terrified’ of what Powell had done

PUYALLAP, Wash. (AP) – The sister of a man who set his house on fire, killing himself and his two sons, knew something horrible had happened when she received emails from her brother explaining what to do with his property and saying he couldn’t live without his sons.

In a 911 call released Tuesday, Alina Powell told a dispatcher she was “terrified” her brother, Josh Powell, was going to do something because of pressure he faced after his wife, Susan, disappeared two years ago.

Crying, she told the dispatcher: “I’m terrified to drive over there. I’m not afraid of him. He’s never hurt me. I’m afraid of seeing something I don’t want to see.”

A social worker brought Josh Powell’s sons to his home Sunday for a court-ordered supervised visit and they entered before her.

The worker says Powell closed the door in her face and locked it. He then set the deadly fire.

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