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Lawmakers seek texting while driving ban _ again

BOISE, Idaho (AP) – Lawmakers are making another run at banning texting while driving after legislation in past sessions stalled.

The Senate Transportation Committee on Tuesday voted to consider making texting while driving an infraction.

It’s now due a full hearing.

Sen. Jim Hammond of Coeur d’Alene is sponsoring the bill that would put those who review or manually prepare texts on wireless devices at risk of fines, if they’re caught by law-enforcement officers.

Hammond says the advent of text messages has been accompanied by growing recognition that it’s dangerous to send them while behind the wheel.

He carves out an exception for law enforcement and emergency personnel.

The closest a ban got to passing Idaho’s Legislature was in 2010, when now-Congressman Raul Labrador succeeded in blocking a similar measure on a procedural move.

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