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Man kidnapped in Nigeria says he wasn’t tortured

Associated Press

BOWDON, Ga. (AP) – The Georgia man who is now home safe after being kidnapped in Nigeria says he was on his way to a clinic in the African country when two men ambushed his car.

Greg Ock tells The Associated Press his car was idling in traffic in a remote town when the two men came out of nowhere. One gunned down his security guard and another forced him into a waiting vehicle that sped him away.

Ock was held in captivity for seven days before he was released Friday. He returned to Georgia on Sunday.

He said he was working as a contractor maintaining gas turbines and other equipment.

Ock says he was never tortured, but he was roughed up after trying to escape.

Ock, who is 50, said he didn’t know if his company paid the $330,000 his captors demanded for his safe return.

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