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Stacey Brooks

  • Apple slammed for definition of ‘gay’

    I think it's safe to say you won't believe how Apple's e-dictionary defines the word gay.
  • Short Takes: Kmart to open at 6 a.m. on Thanksgiving

    Short Takes is a new feature on where you get to ask any of our hosts, reporters or personalities about something in the news and they'll give you their take on it.
  • No excuse for botched ’60 Minutes’ report

    "We were wrong."
  • Take the plunge: You can now marry yourself

    In all of my years on the planet and all the time I've spent trying to love myself, I can honestly say I never considered marrying myself.
  • No sex for GoDaddy on Super Bowl Sunday? Huh?

    GoDaddy announced Thursday that the two commercials they will air during the upcoming Super Bowl will not be sexy or racy in nature.
  • Heinz got squeezed and we got fooled

    Many people (including myself) were outraged recently when McDonald's announced that they were ending their relationship with Heinz. OMG, I thought. Heinz is the best tasting ketchup, and my Two Cheeseburger Meal Deal will never be the same.
  • Please delete my Facebook page when I die

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird that people who have passed still have Facebook pages? I understand that at first it’s a way for families to accept condolences, spread information about funeral arrangements and share photos to memorialize their loved one. It’s also a way for friends of the person who died […]
  • Military and tattoos go hand in hand, but not for long

    The Army recently announced that they plan to tighten restrictions on tattoos.
  • Turkey, family, football…and shopping?

    I'm still trying to get over the fact that Macy's is breaking a 155-year-old tradition and is going to be opening their doors for the first time ever on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Did you know The Voice is a huge hit — and controversial — in Afghanistan?

    Believe it or not one of the most popular television shows in Afghanistan is their version of "The Voice."
  • Robin Thicke not turned on by Miley twerking

    Robin Thicke just sat down with Oprah Winfrey for Sunday's edition of Oprah's Next Chapter and talked about what he thought of Miley Cyrus dancing provocatively around him in a flesh-toned latex bikini top and shorts while he sang his mega-hit "Blurred Lines" during their controversial MTV Video Music Awards performance.
  • Hail to the Redskins!

    There is a growing movement to change the Washington Redskins’ name because it is offensive to some Native Americans. The President even weighed in on the controversy this week saying if he was the owner of the Washington Redskins, and he knew the name was “offending a sizable group of people,” then he would “think […]