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Rosie on the House

  • November’s Rosie-do list: Time to get ready for the holidays

    The end of the year is fast approaching which means we’ve got two months left of Rosie-Do tips for your house, home, castle or cabin.
  • 5 clues your home may have been invaded by termites

    It might be difficult to find termites in the act of eating away at your house, but some other signs should warn you that they may be hiding somewhere.
  • Here’s how to take control of your cricket problem

    Here is how to take control of your cricket problem or prevent one before it has the chance to get started.
  • Six secrets to having success growing your own citrus

    Many people move to Arizona from cold climates and want to grow citrus: lemons, oranges, limes and grapefruit are prime examples.
  • October’s Rosie-do List: Keep your home running smoothly this month

    It’s time once again for my Rosie-Do list. These monthly household tips are intended to help you keep your home running smoothly.
  • Brighten your fall nights: How to install Malibu Lights in your yard

    Pathway lights, such as Malibu Lights, can make walking in your yard safer at night but can also make your home look more inviting to guests.
  • Now is the time to plant that herb garden you’ve been wanting

    Our winter planting season has started in the desert and it’s prime time to plant that herb garden, even if you aren’t planning a major vegetable garden.
  • The good, the bad and the ugly in Arizona landscaping

    Arizona is a land of landscaping challenges, according to Mary Irish, former director of horticulture at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.
  • So something went wrong with your contractor — now what?

    You’ve hired a contractor to remodel your kitchen but what if something goes wrong and he or she doesn’t finish the job?
  • September’s Rosie-do list: Get your veggies, trees and yard ready for fall

    For September, your ‘Rosie-do’ list is focused on five outdoor vegetation areas that will get you ready for the upcoming nice Arizona weather.
  • Smart ovens? Here are the latest trends in smart home technology

    Every day seems to bring new innovations in smart technology to your home. Here are some of the latest new ideas in the marketplace.
  • Man up: Here are the seven latest man cave trends

    A man cave is supposed to be a place where guys do guy things, but that doesn't mean they can't keep up with the times. Here are the latest man cave trends.
  • Six tips for keeping your travertine beautiful

    You’ve just moved into a house that has luxurious travertine floors in almost every room. So how do you care for them?
  • August’s Rosie-do list: Fix the monsoon issues, get ready for fall

    August's Rosie-do list is all about repairing any issues that may have popped up during the monsoon season and getting ready for the fall.
  • Does having a home warranty pay off for homeowners?

    When you buy a house, a home warranty is often included as a little extra to entice a buyer to make the deal. But are those warranties worth the price?
  • Does my home insurance cover me?

    Most homeowners have home insurance; in fact, you can’t get a home loan without insuring your property.
  • What do I do if I have a leak in my roof?

    It’s that time of the year when many homeowners often worry about what might happen in a monsoon storm.
  • Seven tips to help you take care of your shingle roof

    Recently we told you how to care for your flat roof, so this week’s article is for those of you with a shingle roof.
  • July’s Rosie-do list will help you fight bugs brought on by the monsoon

    July’s Rosie-do list contains a list of seven items to focus on in and around your home, some of which will help bugs brought on by the Arizona monsoon.
  • Tips to care for your home with a flat roof

    Many Arizona residents love the territorial style of home building -- complete with a flat roof -- that helps keep the spirit of the old Southwest alive.

Rosie on the House