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  • Hiring a contractor, part 2: Dating your contractor

    Last week, in part 1 of this series, I went through the “vitals” that need to be taken when looking to hire a contractor. As you noted, the vitals are a straight-forward factual checklist of information to collect. But in addition to the vitals, and to get to know your contractor really, really well, I […]
  • Hiring a contractor, Part 1: Taking the vitals

    The State of Arizona has very strict rules and regulations that govern the state's contractors.
  • 3 easy dates to fertilize your trees

    One of the most asked questions we get on the show each week during the gardening hour is, "How often should I fertilize my citrus trees, and when's the best time of year."
  • 6 keys to tackling your man cave

    Man caves have really grown in popularity over the past five years. With that, there have been best practices that have evolved through trial and error and callers to our Saturday morning show. As you read through the following list of tips, remember the first tip is the most important and will ensure you’re enjoying […]
  • With insulation, more isn’t always better

    Is the water running from your kitchen faucet hot enough to boil an egg or just wilt the lettuce for your Caesar salad? Are you risking a heatstroke when you visit that Death Valley location you refer to as your garage? Is your attic so hot that you wonder why your roof isn't on fire?
  • How can I get rid of ants around my house and yard?

    We are always amazed at the topics that generate a significant response from our listeners; in this case ants!
  • Hard facts about six common water treatment-softening myths

    Arizona has hard water; that's a given. But once you accept that fact, you have to decide what to do about the water at your house.
  • Which terms do I need to know before I start shopping for windows?

    As you shop for new windows, you'll hear and read a lot of jargon about glazing, spacers and cladding. Here is a glossary of terms that might help you understand what is being discussed.
  • How can I live on less electricity this summer?

    Summer is almost here, and you're probably already dreading your hot-weather electric bills.
  • How do we get rid of gophers?

    We have many recommendations, including some very interesting suggestions from listeners.
  • What can I do to help my air conditioner work more efficiently?

    1. Maintain it. Have an air conditioning technician come to your home every spring before it gets too hot and check your system out. The earlier you catch a problem and repair it, the smaller than problem will remain. 2. Add insulation to your attic or crawlspace so hot air doesn’t get in the house. […]
  • Can I install concrete pavers myself?

    Pavers may be the easiest patio surface to install yourself.
  • What kind of maintenance should I do on my plumbing?

    Like many problems in life, plumbing disasters usually happen because of neglect.
  • How do I repair blisters in drywall due to water damage?

    If water is getting into your wall from rain, a sprinkler that's too close to your house, or even from a plumbing leak you're likely to see patches of damage on your walls near the spot of the intrusion. That's because drywall has a paper backing, so when it gets wet, it can bubble and wrinkle, sort of like a sheet of paper does.
  • What are the pros and cons of compact fluorescent light bulbs?

    Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) are poised to replace those familiar incandescent bulbs we've been using since electricity became a household necessity.
  • Romey’s Chicken Resource Guide

    For everything you've ever wanted to know about chickens, check out what Romey has to say.
  • Roof ventilation: What does Rosie recommend?

    First, let's look at the kinds of roof vents.
  • How can I renew my cultured marble countertops?

    How can you spruce up the look of your kitchen or bath without spending a fortune? Freshen up your countertops!
  • Fireplace safety is important around the holidays

    When it finally gets cold in the Valley, many residents rush to light their fireplace up.
  • Christmas traditions at Rosie’s

    For the six kids who grew up in Rosie's house, Christmas officially began on the Eve with the reading of a "Cajun Night Before Christmas," because you know, chere, dem dere flyin' reindeer what you call dem, dey can't fly low through dem cypress kness and Spanish moss, no!

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