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  • The latest gear for your outdoor fun

    By now, many of you are likely looking to escape the heat and head to any number of gloriously cool destinations in Northern Arizona.
  • Six ways to fight back against scorpions

    With our monsoon humidity and searing heat, summertime can definitely be bark scorpion season in Arizona.
  • Celebrate the Fourth of July by buying American-made products

    Over the years at Rosie on the House, we have always urged our listeners and web visitors to "buy American" as much as they can when they shop.
  • Celebrate the Fourth of July with a Rosie Romero-style barbecue

    Everyone who listens to our Saturday morning broadcast knows that we Romeros love to eat and to cook.
  • Seven great gifts for the do-it-yourself dad

    If your dad is a do-it-yourselfer and you're still looking for Father's Day gift ideas, we compiled this list of the best tools that every DIY dad needs in his tool belt.
  • How to prepare your home for monsoon season

    We wanted to share a few actions you can take to prepare you and your home for this season's heavy storms.
  • Get ready to super-cool your house this summer

    This time of year, homeowners in central and southern Arizona are hunting for new ways to cool off when the average daily high outdoors gets to be 100 degrees or more.
  • What is your garage door telling you?

    Most every household item has a way of “telling” us if it needs a little attention. Door hinges squeak when they need a shot of WD-40. Showerheads leak if they need a new gasket or tightening. The toilet runs and runs when the flapper needs changing. The same goes for your garage door and motor. […]
  • 5 flag-flying guidelines to show your colors this Memorial Day

    May 25 is Memorial Day - a time for all Americans to display our great flag in honor of U.S. military members who died for our country.
  • Time to get cooking in your outdoor kitchen

    Memorial Day is just a week away, and it's time to get fired up with the hottest and newest stuff for your backyard kitchen.
  • 5 ideas to improve your summer outdoor living

    This week, we wanted to offer a few ideas to maximize your summer outdoor living experience.
  • 10 tips for your summer splashdown

    Warm weather has arrived and by the end of this month, the entire family will be ready for major pool time.
  • To protect your home, think like a burglar

    There are ways to frustrate burglars when they arrive at your house, but you have to out-think them.
  • 12 ways to use your tax refund check to remodel your home

    You may not get back a refund big enough to pay for demolishing and redoing the bathroom or kitchen. But even if you're only getting a few hundred from Uncle Sam, you can make some changes to add value to your home.
  • 5 important tips to consider when replacing your air conditioner

    The clock may be ticking for your old air conditioner, especially if the unit is 10 years old or more. And with our weather heating up and the big summer heat on the horizon, you may be worried your unit’s time is up. Well, now’s the perfect time to replace that old clunker-cooler. Soon it […]
  • Three important guidelines for maintaining your water heater

    If water heaters aren't regularly maintained, they can have a devastating of an effect.
  • 7 most overlooked spring-cleaning areas hidden around your home

    Calling all clean freaks! This is the list you've been waiting for - the most overlooked places dirt, grime and build-up are hiding in your home. We've listed each here and provided a few suggestions on how to address while tackling your spring-cleaning chores.
  • Shed some light on these gorgeous spring nights!

    It’s official. March 20th is the first day of spring. With all of us enjoying more and more time outdoors before the summer heat hits, you might consider giving your backyard lighting a bit of a spruce-up! Backyard lighting adds a nice touch of ambiance and helps you relax in your outdoor sanctuary. It’s also […]
  • Five easy green cleaning solutions to make at home

    When it comes to green and your house, home, castle and cabin, we wanted to offer you a few ideas on green cleaning solutions you can make yourself!
  • Want weed-free weekends? Pre-emergent is your best friend

    One chore on my honey-do list that I really don't like is picking weeds, especially when I could be spending that time doing another outdoor activity this glorious time of year.

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