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  • Four ways to make your home smarter with the push of a button

    The past few years have seen a recent boom in smart-home technology, with new kits, sensors and gadgets flooding the market.
  • Ready, set, action: 5 tips to remember when designing a home theater

    If you’ve moved to a bigger house recently, and you want to have a dedicated space for home entertainment, you may be thinking of installing a real home theater. Here are five considerations to guide you in the process.
  • Build a little muscle with your affordable DIY home gym

    Here are some idea to build your own do-it-yourself home gym that will help you get in shape and save you some money in the process.
  • New year, new home: Declutter these 3 areas to better manage your household

    This time of year, everyone tends to be focused on the topic of organization. We want to help you get a handle on your life by de-cluttering these three areas in your home.
  • Here’s your ‘Rosie-Do List’ for January

    Everyone has heard of the “honey-do” list. These are the little (sometimes big) home maintenance chores that your honey asks you to do each weekend.
  • Top 10 reasons we’re lucky to be in Arizona at Christmastime

    We sure are lucky to live in Arizona. For that reason, we’ve compiled our top 10 reasons we consider ourselves lucky to be in Arizona during Christmastime.
  • What to do when a freeze is in the Arizona forecast

    One of the big myths about Arizona is that you never need to worry about cold weather or a freeze once you move here. That’s not true.
  • Check the bulbs, Rusty: How to light up safely over the holiday season

    Decking the halls with holiday lights definitely adds joy to the season, but you should always follow basic electrical safety rules so that you avoid fires. In buying new lights, look for lighting that has been tested for safety by a nationally recognized organization, such as Underwriters Laboratories. A label on the strings or a […]
  • Here are 10 tips to ‘deck the halls’ – and your tree – safely!

    Be fire-smart this holiday season about your tree with these 10 safety tips.
  • Perfect fits: Stocking stuffers for the DIYers in your families

    Loads of unusual products are out there to make life easier and more fun for do-it-yourself experts. You can stuff a couple of them into stockings hanging from the mantle at your house this holiday season: • A voltage tester to protect the DIY electrician from harm: If the do-it-yourselfer at your house is taking […]
  • The Rosie secret to deep-frying a tasty turkey safely

    Go online and Google “deep-fried turkey,” and you’d think a 20-pounder is exploding every half-hour somewhere in America on Thanksgiving Day.
  • 10 Pinterest do-it-yourself gifts for the holiday season

    Pinterest has become a go-to-resource for do-it-yourselfer projects and creative inspiration, and there’s no shortage of gift ideas you can come up with for the upcoming holiday season.
  • 5 tips for cooking up a safe, healthy family Thanksgiving

    How do you prevent disasters in the kitchen over the Thanksgiving holiday? Here are five key tips.
  • Three Pinterest pitfalls for Arizona homeowners to avoid

    Pinterest has loads of fun DIY ideas for homeowners, but there are a few things you'll want to avoid if your project is going to look like the picture.
  • Five tips for remodeling your Arizona pool deck

    For those of you thinking of resurfacing your pool deck, we’ve compiled a few tips and guidelines.
  • Get cracklin’: Tips, suggestions for outdoor fireplaces and pits in Arizona

    Outdoor fire pits and fireplaces are the perfect setting for mild autumn evenings in your backyard or patio.
  • 6 tips for using your gas fireplace as Arizona hits autumn

    Autumn is finally here and it’s time to prepare for using your gas fireplace again.
  • Four home safety tips for Fire Prevention Week

    We’ve put together a list of fires safety tips that every homeowner should know and implement to keep their home and family safe
  • 5 best bang-for-your-buck trends in bathroom remodels

    Although the costs of remodeling your bathroom may be going up, it’s also one of the home improvement projects that will almost pay for itself.
  • Five trendy ways to update your kitchen before the holidays

    For many households, the kitchen tends to be the room of the house that people gravitate towards, especially during family gatherings and events.

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