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  • Five things Arizona homeowners need to know about buying windows

    Here are five things to remember to make shopping for windows much easier for Arizona homeowners.
  • Five improvement ideas for homeowners receiving a tax refund

    You may already have a bunch of ideas on how to spend that tax refund, but here's five home improvements that refund could buy instead.
  • Pet projects: Do-it-yourself tips for animal owners in honor of National Pet Month

    April is National Pet Month and a good time to adopt a dog or cat. But living with pets in Arizona can be challenging.
  • 6 to-do items for your April ‘Rosie-do’ list

    Spring has sprung and April is here. It’s time for your monthly “Rosie –Do” list in our series to keep your home running smoothly. Here are six to-do items to focus on over the next few weeks.
  • The difference between mortar, concrete and cement for your home

    When the average homeowner talks about building materials, he or she often uses concrete and cement interchangeably, but they’re really not the same thing.
  • Spring is in the air! 10 tips for garage cleaning

    You’ve cleaned out and remodeled the inside of the house, but now it’s time to clean out that cluttered garage and its leaning towers of cardboard boxes.
  • As Arizona temperatures rise, time to clean your chimney

    The temperature is rising steadily and it looks like we won’t be using our fireplaces any more – at least not until next fall.
  • Worried about mosquitoes? Here are 10 ways to fight the bites!

    Even though Arizona is a desert, mosquitoes can thrive here and takeaway from your early-evening enjoyment outside. In addition to being a bit of an irritant, they can unfortunately spread disease to humans, which is often a concern of homeowners. Among mosquito-borne illnesses are the West Nile virus, encephalitis and dengue fever. This year, there’s […]
  • Your ‘Rosie-Do List’ for March: Time to start gearing up for summer

    This month's "Rosie-Do" list will help you get ready for the upcoming Arizona summer and keep up with routine home maintenance.
  • Five tips to help you sell your house this spring

    If you’re putting your house on the market this spring, here are five things to remember that could help speed up your sale.
  • True love: Plant a rose bush for your special someone on Valentine’s Day

    Here’s a truly romantic Valentine's Day surprise: Plant a rose bush in your yard for the special someone in your life.
  • Rosie-Do List for February: Get outdoors to prepare for spring

    For this month's Rosie-Do List, homeowners will be guided to spend more and more time in their gardens to stay up-to-date on routine maintenance and get ready for spring.
  • Four ways to make your home smarter with the push of a button

    The past few years have seen a recent boom in smart-home technology, with new kits, sensors and gadgets flooding the market.
  • Ready, set, action: 5 tips to remember when designing a home theater

    If you’ve moved to a bigger house recently, and you want to have a dedicated space for home entertainment, you may be thinking of installing a real home theater. Here are five considerations to guide you in the process.
  • Build a little muscle with your affordable DIY home gym

    Here are some idea to build your own do-it-yourself home gym that will help you get in shape and save you some money in the process.
  • New year, new home: Declutter these 3 areas to better manage your household

    This time of year, everyone tends to be focused on the topic of organization. We want to help you get a handle on your life by de-cluttering these three areas in your home.
  • Here’s your ‘Rosie-Do List’ for January

    Everyone has heard of the “honey-do” list. These are the little (sometimes big) home maintenance chores that your honey asks you to do each weekend.
  • Top 10 reasons we’re lucky to be in Arizona at Christmastime

    We sure are lucky to live in Arizona. For that reason, we’ve compiled our top 10 reasons we consider ourselves lucky to be in Arizona during Christmastime.
  • What to do when a freeze is in the Arizona forecast

    One of the big myths about Arizona is that you never need to worry about cold weather or a freeze once you move here. That’s not true.
  • Check the bulbs, Rusty: How to light up safely over the holiday season

    Decking the halls with holiday lights definitely adds joy to the season, but you should always follow basic electrical safety rules so that you avoid fires. In buying new lights, look for lighting that has been tested for safety by a nationally recognized organization, such as Underwriters Laboratories. A label on the strings or a […]

Rosie on the House