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  • Federal employees could face criminal charges in Arizona for dropping off immigrants

    Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery threw down the gauntlet and warned federal officials that charges of child abuse could be filed against them for transferring immigrants to Arizona. In this one simple move Montgomery might be able to do what no one else has been able to do yet…stop the transfers. Or at least make […]
  • Parents should know where their kids are surfing, in the water and on the Internet

    How could this happen to a “good” family? How could this happen to a set of loving parents who, for all intents and purposes, appeared to be “normal?” Who do we blame? When the parents are ill-quipped to raise children, for example, when they are on drugs, are alcoholics or are abusers, then we can […]
  • Legally Speaking: Summertime is the 100 deadliest days for teens

    Temperatures have definitely heated up in the Valley, which means it’s summertime. Summertime is also the 100 deadliest days for teens. With summer comes more teen drivers on the road that are distracted by the radio, food, and texting. There is something else that can distract teens even more, passengers. This is something that is […]
  • Will a recorded Jodi Arias courtroom lessen interest? Hardly

    Finally! Judge Sherry Stephens issued her ruling regarding whether she will allow cameras in the courtroom for the retrial of the penalty phase in State v. Jodi Arias. The judge surprised me and IS ALLOWING cameras to record the trial. Yes, I said “record” the trial. You see, she ordered that, although cameras are allowed […]
  • Legally Speaking: It’s time to complete your will and life care directives

    This week, KTAR has the family in focus, so “Legally Speaking” is focusing on a very important family issue — your wills and life care directives. I know this sounds scary and daunting but here is a secret — it really isn’t! Arizona has made it very easy for you to protect yourself and your […]
  • Legally Speaking: Can you be fired for being gay?

    This week on Legally Speaking I address the question “can you be fired for being gay?” Over the weekend the sports world was paying close attention, at least initially, to the NFL draft. Yes, Johnny Football was the center of attention in the first round but the attention in the last round went to not […]
  • Around prom and graduation, keep you and your kids safe and crime-free

    Parents, do you have prom and graduation party anxiety? This might help. We are well into May and it’s the time of year where teens are going crazy with anticipation and excitement for prom and the rite of passage known as graduation, while parents are nervous about the parties. This is a special time for […]
  • Legally Speaking: Is the death penalty worth the time and money?

    This week on Legally Speaking I ask the question “is the death penalty worth it?” In this discussion I explain there is more to the death penalty than the emotional aspects and the end result. Numerous studies have been conducted that indicate the death penalty has no deterrent effect. In other words, the fact that […]
  • Life for Marissa Devault

    Life. That is what Marissa Devault received Wednesday. After numerous days of deliberations, several substantial breaks and three phases/parts of a first-degree murder trial, the jury decided to spare the convicted murderer the death penalty and give her life.
  • Legally Speaking: Homeowner who killed teens in ‘self defense’ convicted of murder

    This week on Legally Speaking, I discuss the unbelievable case of the homeowner who shot and killed two teenagers and then claimed self defense. Byron Smith was on trial for first degree murder and according to the prosecution, he baited two teenagers to break into his home so he could execute them. Smith argued he […]
  • The Sidebar: Marissa Devault, Debra Milke and Jodi Arias

    Here is an update on the legal issues and stories that are hot now. Marissa Devault is on trial for her life. She was convicted of first-degree murder for the killing of her husband with a hammer and now the jury must decide whether to sentence her to life or death. Did her emotional plea […]
  • The NCAA wants to feed its athletes? About time

    Starving. That one word, uttered by a superstar, was the final push the NCAA needed to propose a necessary change to its rules.
  • Be careful what you say on social media

    Social media is popular not only because it brings people together but also because you can get away with saying just about anything!
  • Should college athletes be paid?

    The issue of whether college athletes should be paid is heating up with the filing of a class-action lawsuit this week.
  • Are e-cigs (aka ‘vaping’) the wolf in sheep’s clothing?

    You may have recently seen the rugged and handsome face of actor Stephen Dorff in the black and white commercial touting the life-changing e-cigarette or the beautiful Jenny McCarthy claiming it is a good alternative to smoking.
  • Is Stand Your Ground really just an excuse?

    Is the Under Arizona Revised Statutes 13-405(B) “a person has no duty to retreat before threatening or using deadly physical force…if the person is in a place where the person may legally be and is not engaged in an unlawful act.” Additionally, under ARS 13-404 “[a] person is justified in threatening or using physical force […]
  • Police can now save us from ourselves and stop overdoses

    Narcan. You probably have not heard of it yet and it will not be long until police agencies across the country add it to their tool belt.
  • Cold feet at the wedding? There’s insurance for that

    For those of you who are engaged, you can now protect yourself in case your soon to be spouse decides to split and leave you standing at the altar brokenhearted and quite literally, broke.
  • Have we created a quick-draw society?

    The debate over carrying firearms, concealed or out in the open, has had a major voice over the past six years in our country.
  • Is it discipline or cyberbullying?

    I give credit to parents who can create new and effective, non-physical, ways of disciplining their children. Being a parent is a hard job and disciplining is one of the toughest things a parent faces, often on a daily basis. A parent’s job is to raise a responsible member of society, which includes feeding, caring, […]