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  • First-time mothers: There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

    I know I know, there is a study for everything!
  • Hands off of pregnant bellies!

    ould you go up to a stranger or an acquaintance and touch or rub their stomach? Chances are, your answer is, "Heck no!"
  • In the future parents could be liable for crimes of their child

    Could parents be held responsible for the crimes of their children? The short answer in Arizona is no, but they could be liable for their own inaction. Just this week we learned of yet another tragedy involving a minor, a 9mm, murder and a suicide, this time all at Sparks Middle School. This happened outside […]
  • Should the paparazzi be punished?

    As you may have heard, celebrities are enlisting the help of lawmakers to protect them and their family from the creepy and not so creepy paparazzi. Steven Tyler convinced several in Hawaii to pass an act, The Steven Tyler Act, that punished paparazzi if they took an unwanted picture of him. Although Hawaii’s actions are […]