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  • Mac & Gaydos: Tuesday, September 25

    Today on Mac & Gaydos… • 3:35 p.m.: If you’re a parent, do you have a favorite child? Most parents won’t admit that they do, but one father did. • 4:05 p.m.: Most people are ticked off with the NFL’s replacement refs, but there’s a few that claim they love them! We’ll tell you who […]
  • Mac & Gaydos: Monday, September 24, 2012

    Today on Mac & Gaydos… • 3:15 p.m.: Eyes On Education: Would you want your child to learn by sitting in a cubicle starring at a computer screen? It’s happening in Yuma. • 4:30 p.m.: The Arizona Cardinals are 3-0! People are saying it’s because of their defense, so we’ll talk to one of their […]
  • Mac & Gaydos: Friday, September 21

    Today on Mac & Gaydos… • 3:15 p.m.: Illegal immigrant protests have reached a new level of defiance. So much for hiding in the shadows. • 4:30 p.m.: You either understand money or you don’t — two very extreme examples from high paid athletes. • 6:05 p.m.: We kick off the weekend, iPhone 5 style! […]
  • Mac & Gaydos: Thursday, September 20

    Today on Mac & Gaydos… • 5:15 p.m.: The White House confirms that the attack on U.S. soil in Libya was in fact a terror attack, so why haven’t they publicly announced it? • 5:50 p.m.: A study said that more and more people are living paycheck-to-paycheck. Are you one of them? Text us at […]
  • Parents using gender selection to have daughters

    The excitement of finding out the sex of a baby could soon be over.
  • Mac & Gaydos: Wednesday, September 19

    Today on Mac & Gaydos… • 4:15 p.m.: We play Fact or Fiction on Pirate’s Day. Aarrrrrgghhh. • 5:15 p.m.: You can’t miss this. Gaydos has a huge announcement that everyone can understand and should agree with. • 6:05 p.m.: People are changing the sex of their unborn children. Which sex do you think they’re […]
  • Meghan McCain: ‘Stupid’ of Mitt Romney to not expect cameras

    When Mitt Romney made a comment that most Americans who rely on governmental handouts are not his job to worry about, he was being "stupid," said Meghan McCain.
  • Mac & Gaydos: Tuesday, September 18

    Today on Mac & Gaydos… • 3:15 p.m.: Meghan McCain says Romney needs to phrase thing better, but that this tape scandal won’t hurt him. • 4:05 p.m.: How do Arizona teachers feel about the fighting going on in Chicago? • 5:35 p.m.: If you had a guaranteed pay raise, would you give up certain […]
  • Stanton: Phoenix ready to enforce SB 1070 despite disagreement

    The city of Phoenix is prepared to enforce the so-called "show me your papers" portion of SB 1070 despite the mayor's personal disagreements, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton said Wednesday.
  • Meghan McCain: Election is Romney’s to lose

    In the wake of the Republican National Convention and in the midst of the Democratic National Convention, Meghan McCain has thrown her political two cents into the debate.
  • Stanton: Mitt Romney’s speech was okay

    Presidential candidate Mitt Romney may have been upstaged at the Republican National Convention by Clint Eastwood, but that doesn’t mean his speech was poor. “I think Mitt Romney did what he had to do,” Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton told 92.3 KTAR’s Mac & Gaydos Friday. “As these speeches go it’s not the most inspirational one […]
  • Schweikert: History of lies blocking new budget ideas

    Rep. David Schweikert said lying on both sides of the aisle could be creating a roadblock to budget reform.
  • Paul Penzone: Joe Arpaio isn’t the same sheriff

    Retired Phoenix Police Officer Paul Penzone said that Sheriff Joe Arpaio isn't the same sheriff that was elected 20 years ago.
  • What did Gov. Jan Brewer say?

    Well, that was ugly.
  • Mac & Gaydos: Tuesday, August 28

    3:15pm Meghan McCain is LIVE from the Republican National Convention and she tells us that Chris Christie won’t give an “attack dog” speech… why not?! 4:30pm A school coach has video of his 8 and 9 year old kids dancing around naked and some are claiming it’s child pornography… couldn’t this just be kids being […]