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  • Wipe your old smartphone before you sell

    What should I do to get rid of personal info on my smartphone before I sell it?
  • ‘Perfect password’ tips

    I understand why you say that I should use complex passwords that are different for each of my accounts, but how can I possibly remember them all?
  • Sniffing out the Microsoft phone call scam

    I just received a call from someone asking me to click the Windows button +R. The caller says he’s from the computer maintenance department of Microsoft Windows and they are doing a routine check. He left a phone number and his name and asked that I call back. I’m figuring he was up to no […]
  • How to report text spam (Smishing)

    I seem to be getting more spam text messages on my phone these days; I reply with ‘stop’ like they say, but it doesn’t always seem to work. – Andrea Spammers are notorious for figuring out ways to exploit our communication systems to annoy us and text messaging spam is just the latest. Although text […]
  • Tips for backing up photos online

    After hearing about the reporter who had his entire laptop wiped by hackers, I’m wondering about the best way to backup all my photos to the Internet. What Internet photo storing sites do you recommend? – Greg For those that haven’t heard the gut wrenching details of tech journalist Mat Honan’s epic hacking incident, it’s […]
  • Nexus 7 vs iPad vs Kindle vs Galaxy Tab 2

    How does Google’s new 7″ tablet compare to the iPad, Kindle and Samsung tablets? – Roger Google’s first tablet called the Nexus 7 (which is actually made by ASUS) is a worthy device for anyone considering a lower cost tablet. It became such a popular tablet that the larger capacity (16GB) device is was sold […]
  • iPhone to Galaxy S III migration tips

    I'm strongly considering a jump from my iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy S III but concerned about getting all my stuff over. Is this an easy thing to do or is it going to be a nightmare?
  • How to (not) e-mail video files

    I’m trying to send a video file to a friend via e-mail and she keeps telling me that she gets the message but not the attachment. What am I doing wrong? – Rhonda Video files tend to be very large files that often exceed the file size limitations of most mail systems, resulting in the […]
  • Microsoft called saying my PC is infected!

    Had a phone call this morning (caller id was 510-943- 3040) telling me that there are problems with my computer and asking me to turn it on and hook up to the internet. When I asked for proper authentication, he stated that he was a Certified Microsoft Technician. I told him I had extensive experience […]
  • Microsoft Surface vs iPad: a first look

    Is the new Microsoft tablet going to be something that will be worth considering vs an iPad? – Tanya The natural inclination with any new tablet that hits the market is to begin by comparing it to the leader of the pack; the iPad. In this case, the answer is both yes and no. Microsoft […]
  • How can I securely erase the data from a flash drive or camera card?

    How can I securely erase the data from a flash drive or camera card? – Morris As you seem to be aware, erasing electronically stored data in a manner that makes it unrecoverable requires much more than simply using the delete function on your computer. Most folks understand that moving files to the Recycle Bin […]
  • Hybrid hard drives

    I have a couple of VelociRaptor hard drives and have had nothing but problems with them. I am wondering would the Seagate Hybrid drives be a better alternative? – D For those looking to improve the performance of their sluggish computer, upgrading to a faster hard drive can make a world of difference. The hard […]
  • Should I wait for Windows 8 to buy a new PC?

    I’m in the market for a new computer; when will Windows 8 be out and is it worth getting? – Stanley Windows 8 is Microsoft’s ambition attempt to create a new operating system that would allow users to work the same on a PC as they would on a tablet or smartphone. Windows 8 will […]
  • Is Facebook going to charge for business pages?

    A lot of my news feed (recently) is about FB starting to charge business pages a fee; do you know if someone started a rumor or is it true? – Nancy With the recent high-profile IPO of Facebook, there are a lot of rumors and speculation about what is going to happen with the world’s […]
  • Is Google Voice something I should use?

    Someone suggested that I use Google Voice phone for my business; is this a good idea? – Terrance Google Voice is probably the best kept secret in modern day Internet “telephony” (the convergence of traditional voice and Internet technology) mainly because it can come across as complicated, but it’s well worth exploring. The best part […]
  • Is personal information stored in my printer?

    I have an old HP scanner/fax/printer. Is it true that it stores your personal info inside somewhere and you should remove it before getting rid of it? I called HP and they denied that; Help! – Julie There are some cases where a printer could be storing lots of information about you, including hundreds of […]
  • My browser seems to be going slow. Why?

    About a year ago, I heard you guys mention having a couple of browsers on a computer, so I installed Firefox. My web browsing has gotten HORRIBLY slow these days. BTW, I installed Chrome and everything loads fine. Should I assume I picked up a virus that affects Firefox? – David There are a number […]
  • Will a photo taken with a smart phone show my location?

    Is it true that if I post a picture from my smartphone on Facebook that it will show where I took the picture? – Candice Facebook’s new Timeline makeover includes a Map section that can show where certain photographs were taken, so if you upload a picture and tag it with the location (from your […]