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  • Is personal information stored in my printer?

    I have an old HP scanner/fax/printer. Is it true that it stores your personal info inside somewhere and you should remove it before getting rid of it? I called HP and they denied that; Help! – Julie There are some cases where a printer could be storing lots of information about you, including hundreds of […]
  • My browser seems to be going slow. Why?

    About a year ago, I heard you guys mention having a couple of browsers on a computer, so I installed Firefox. My web browsing has gotten HORRIBLY slow these days. BTW, I installed Chrome and everything loads fine. Should I assume I picked up a virus that affects Firefox? – David There are a number […]
  • Will a photo taken with a smart phone show my location?

    Is it true that if I post a picture from my smartphone on Facebook that it will show where I took the picture? – Candice Facebook’s new Timeline makeover includes a Map section that can show where certain photographs were taken, so if you upload a picture and tag it with the location (from your […]