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  • How can I protect my system from Windows update that deletes files?

    Microsoft recently started rolling out the Windows 10 October 2018 update that will start automatically installing itself for most systems starting next week.
  • Do your homework before choosing a video doorbell

    Installing a video doorbell is very easy and has many benefits, which often leads to the purchase of other "smart devices," so doing a little homework on the options as well as the platforms they use is important.
  • Signs of a scam: How can I tell if a charity is legitimate?

    Charity fraudsters have become very good at tugging at our heartstrings to elicit donations. Here are some online tools for evaluating charities.
  • Can Google track my location after I’ve changed my smartphone settings?

    A recent report outlining the complexity of Google’s various location tracking systems has created quite a stir for users and some government agencies.
  • Is it safer to do my online banking on my smartphone or computer?

    Compromised banking credentials are a hot property on the dark web, which serves as a marketplace for cyber thieves and finding new ways to trick users into giving up those credentials is ongoing.
  • Is Facebook really limiting the news feed to 26 people?

    A hoax message claiming that Facebook is limiting your news feed to 25 or 26 friends is circulating again because many people don’t take a minute to fact-check before they repost.
  • There’s more to upcoming 5G technology than just speed

    The fifth generation of wireless transmission technology known as 5G is one of the more interesting developments on the technology landscape because it has wide-ranging implications.
  • Will Microsoft charge a monthly fee for Windows 10?

    Microsoft deviated from its traditional path with Windows when they rolled out Windows 10 as their final version of Windows -- and for many users it was free.
  • What’s your opinion of Slack as a business tool?

    Messaging amongst co-workers is one of the most important forms of communication that your organization relies upon and Slack is an interesting tool for this constant need in all businesses.
  • How can I change my signal strength indicator on my iPhone?

    The ubiquitous signal strength meter has likely fooled everyone that uses a smartphone at one point, because it’s really not a very good indicator of your actual signal strength.
  • How can I monitor my apps to control my iPhone’s battery?

    In the early days of the iPhone, Apple essentially paused third-party apps that were running in the background, but that all changed years ago with iOS 7.
  • What are your thoughts on Cloudflare’s service?

    Anyone who relies on a website to conduct business should always be on the hunt for improved security and reliability, so Cloudflare is certainly worth the consideration.
  • Hashtags are valuable marketing tools for businesses on social media

    Engagement is the most important thing businesses should focus on with social media, and hashtags are a great tool for increasing interactions.
  • Keys sticking on Macbook Pro? Here’s what to do about it

    Depending upon the age of your Macbook Pro, you may be experiencing a keyboard defect that Apple recently acknowledged is impacting a small percentage of users.
  • How cybercriminals profit by exploiting computers for cryptojacking

    Cybercriminals are constantly exploring methods to exploit users for profit. With the popularity of cryptocurrencies on the rise, so is the malware that allows for cryptojacking.
  • Is it true that Windows 10 is more secure than Windows 7?

    Microsoft has made a concerted effort to get users to upgrade to Windows 10. Despite their best efforts, Windows 7 continues to be a very popular operating system.
  • What can I do if my cell phone is getting bombarded with robocalls?

    Robocalls and spam text messages are among the top consumer complaint filed, according to the FCC, and it’s not likely to change anytime soon.
  • How can I tell if a keylogger has been installed on my devices?

    Keyloggers, which silently record keystrokes in an attempt to steal information, can range from being very easy to very difficult to detect, depending upon how and what was installed.
  • How can I protect my router from the attack the FBI is warning about?

    The recent warning sent out by the FBI about hackers compromising hundreds of thousands of routers is an indication of how important this particular threat is to many.
  • What is your recommendation for DNA testing your pet?

    Finding a test with a large number of dog breeds and genetic markers will generally provide the most accurate results when looking to DNA test your pets.