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  • As 5G phones become more popular, beware of misinformation

    The 5G phones that are currently available or that will be available by the end of this year can be counted on one hand. Don't get fooled by misinformation.
  • Why is my internet slow, even though the speed test says it is fast?

    There are few things these days as frustrating as a slow internet connection, especially when you’re paying for a fast connection. Here's how to address it.
  • Which browser for my computer is the best to use?

    Your choice in browsers can be one of the most important decisions you’ll make on all your internet-connected devices. Here's how you can pick the best one.
  • Should I upgrade to the Pixel 3 or the Galaxy S10?

    Anyone looking for the best Android will likely debate between the Pixel 3 or the Galaxy S10 and frankly, you can’t go wrong with either of these handsets.
  • Is a free laptop tracking program safe to use?

    All of your mobile devices are much more vulnerable to being lost or stolen, so planning ahead is really smart. But using a free laptop tracking program might not be the way to go.
  • What should I be doing to protect my children’s identities?

    It’s easy to think that ID theft is only a problem for adults, but 2018 statistics reveal that it’s twice as likely that a child’s ID is stolen over an adult’s.
  • Why am I getting so many robocalls and what can I do to stop them?

    If it seems like you’re getting a lot more calls that are either a robocall, a scammer or someone trying to sell you something, you’re not imagining it.
  • Should you rely on free tools to audit your business website?

    Just as keeping up with changes to labor laws, tax code and other dynamic areas of business is necessary, the same is true with your website.
  • There are people claiming that 5G will cause cancer — is it true?

    There are rumors that 5G, the highly anticipated next generation of cellular technology, will cause cancer. But is it true?
  • What are my options when Microsoft discontinues support for Windows 7?

    Windows 7, which was released in 2009 - when the Internet was a very different place - will no longer be supported for free starting January 15th, 2020.
  • Do those apps that scan for card skimmers at gas stations work?

    Credit card skimmers are a growing problem, especially at gas stations because gas pumps still aren’t setup to read chipped cards.
  • How can I tell if a text message from the IRS is legit?

    Tax filing season is "Christmas for Criminals" and every year we see new scams attempting to trick taxpayers, so being very careful is a really good idea.
  • What is the best OnBoard Diagnostics port scanner for my car?

    The OnBoard Diagnostics port is not just for your car, as many products are available to give you more detailed information when your engine light comes on.
  • How can I tell if hackers have any of my passwords?

    If you’ve been using the internet for more than a couple of years, you can assume that one or several of your passwords have been compromised.
  • What is a secure method of encrypting email messages?

    Email continues to be the most common communication channel for small businesses to interact with their clients, but it’s also one of the least secure.
  • Should I be using a VPN service on my smartphone?

    There are a number of reasons for using a Virtual Private Network, especially for mobile devices, such as laptops, smartphones and tablets.
  • Tech-related resolutions to keep in mind as 2019 approaches

    With 2019 quickly approaching, a number of tech resolutions can help keep your personal information safe from potential hackers.
  • Need help wading through all streaming TV service options?

    There’s never been a better time to switch to a streaming TV service, but the downside to so many choices is that it makes the decision much more confusing.
  • How do USB security keys work and should I get one?

    Your online assets have long been one of the major targets of hackers and the only thing keeping them out of your accounts is your passwords.
  • Which Android should I consider if I’m switching from an iPhone?

    As the sophistication of smartphones improves, the gaps between brands and platforms has narrowed, leading users to wonder if they should switch from iPhone to Android.