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  • Lessons you and your business can learn from the Sony hack

    One of the things I keep hearing about because of the Sony hack is encryption, but how exactly do I get it setup for my business?
  • Uber surge protection

    If you’re a regular user of Uber, you should be aware that when you schedule a ride near a large event, you could get hit with their surge pricing. During peak times around large events, rates have been known to go up as high as 10 times the normal rate. If you’re using Uber around […]
  • The Top Tens

    As you may have figured out by now, I’m a huge music fanatic and I’m constantly searching for great songs, old and new. I like revisiting older bands by searching for their greatest hits for both discovery and rediscovery. While doing this last week, I ran across a website that I had never used called […]
  • How to stop ads from stalking you around the Internet

    Whenever I go shopping online, whatever I look at seems to follow me around the Internet. How do I keep that from happening?

    Smartphones are pretty smart, but today’s tip will make your smartphone even smarter! If your contact list has become an overwhelming mess, checkout an app called Humin. It will completely change the way you interact with your iPhone. Humin is designed to remember people by how you come to know them. When you meet someone […]

    If you’ve owned an iPhone for a while, you probably have a plethora of pictures in your camera roll. I’m willing to bet that a large number of the images are bad or useless pictures that you have no use for, but you just haven’t gotten around to deleting them. As awesome as the iPhone […]
  • Weather or Not

    Weather apps are a dime a dozen and they all pretty much do the same thing…give you their best guess about the weather. Most of them are free, so featuring yet another weather app that actually costs money wouldn’t make much sense unless it did something really useful. Well, the Weather or Not app does […]

    Social media is a great way to chronicle our lives, which becomes more evident if you take the time to look back at posts from the past. But for most of us, it’s kind of like all those photo albums you have sitting on your shelf that haven’t been looked at for years. An app […]
  • The Status app

    When the battery on your phone dies and your significant other is trying to reach you, it can appear as if you are ignoring them. Without a response, the anxiety and frustration can grow quickly. This very scenario is what caused an app developer to create a more useful way to provide status updates to […]
  • NextGlass

    If you’re like most consumers of beer or wine, you tend to stick to the products you know, especially if you aren’t that adventurous. Even if you are adventurous, trying to pick a new wine or beer from a wall of options can be intimidating. That’s where an app called NextGlass comes in handy. NextGlass […]
  • Beware cheap tablets

    This is the time of year that you can count on the best deals for just about any kind of electronic gadget you have on your shopping list. But a word of warning: the lowest price is rarely the best deal. Shopping for electronics solely based on the price plays right into the hands of […]

    If you love hiking as much as I do, finding new trails to explore wherever you go becomes a bit of an obsession. Just because it’s getting colder all around us doesn’t mean you have to give up this great form of exercise. There are lots of great resources on the Internet for discovering new […]
  • Google’s new dashboard

    The ongoing battle to protect yourself on the Internet just got a nice boost from Google. Since we all have a Google account of some sort, knowing how and when your account has been accessed is a quick way to check for suspicious activity. Google’s Device and Activity Dashboard makes it easy to see a […]
  • Is online shopping actually safer now?

    It's not your imagination that large data breaches are being reported by major corporations and retailers on a more frequent basis.
  • NoScript for Firefox

    One of the reasons that the Internet can be a dangerous place these days is from something known as scripts. Scripts are like macros in your word processor; they’re a list of commands that automatically run when you visit the site. While the use of scripts can range from generating animation to serving ads, they […]
  • Charge blocking

    Yesterday, I told you about juice jacking which can allow USB charging stations to access your private data without your knowledge. If you’re a heavy traveler, especially internationally, you might want to invest in a little device called the Juice Jack Defender. This 15 dollar adapter will allow you to use any USB charging connection […]
  • Juice jacking

    Keeping your electronics charged while on the go is getting easier as lots of charging stations are popping to help mobile users. But, if you’re an active traveler, you need to know about something called Juice Jacking. Juice Jacking can occur when a charging station attempt to gain access to your phone’s data while you’re […]
  • Convert old speakers into wireless bluetooth speakers

    I had someone ask me a question that sounded strange at first, but then it made sense after I thought about it. He asked me if I knew of any way to add Bluetooth connectivity to older non-Bluetooth speakers. Bluetooth enable speakers are fairly inexpensive, but the cheap ones don’t sound very good. So if […]
  • Kenu Stance

    The iPhone is an amazing device for entertainment, communications and capturing those precious moments in our lives, but there’s an accessory that will make it even more amazing…a tripod. Think about how you use your iPhone whether it’s Facetime, taking a group selfie or watching streaming video; you usually end up holding it in your […]
  • SlideIdea

    Anyone that has to create presentations on a regular basis knows that keeping your audience’s attention while presenting the information is critical. There are a number of great presentation platforms, but one that you’ve probably never heard of has an interesting twist…audience participation. SlideIdea takes a completely different approach because it’s an iPad app associated […]