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  • How to choose the right size TV

    There was a time when shopping for a television was pretty easy, because their were only a few sizes and the price differences as you got bigger was pretty substantial. Today, you can choose from displays that range from 26 to 90 inches with minor price differences as you get bigger. With ultra-high definition displays, […]
  • Wait to buy a 4K TV

    One of the more compelling themes from this year’s CES was the proliferation of 4K TV’s, which should result in the usual price wars. At four times the resolution of your current HD display, the difference is clear as long as you’re viewing 4K content. And that’s where you have to be careful not to […]
  • Data Doctors visits CES 2015, world’s largest electronics tradeshow

    The world's largest electronics tradeshow always has lots of interesting things to discover somewhere amongst the 2 million square feet of exhibits.
  • WeTransfer

    You’re smartphone has an amazing camera that can take high resolution pictures and amazing HD video. The results of using this great technology are huge files, especially if you’re shooting video. When you send or post these high resolution files to e-mail and social media, it automatically gets compressed, so it lowers the quality. If […]
  • Dispose of e-waste properly

    Chances are, you acquired some new electronic gadgets this holiday season, which means you’ll have older tech that you no longer use. If it has a power button, plugs in or has batteries, it’s likely to contain toxic waste, so whatever you do, don’t throw electronics in the trash. Start by checking with charitable organizations […]
  • XIM

    How often do you find yourself trying to show various pictures on your smartphone to a group of people? You either try to cram everyone around your screen or pass your phone around and have the same conversation multiple times. The folks at Microsoft felt that there needed to be a better way, so they […]
  • The 10 best free apps of 2014

    We're all relying on our mobile devices more than ever before and apps are one big reason, even though many of them never get used more than once.
  • CES preview

    The mother of all electronic trade shows, International CES kicks off Tuesday, January 6th, in Las Vegas. With over 2 million square feet of exhibits from over 3500 electronics companies, there’s no way to see everything over the next 4 days, but I’m going to try. This year, you can expect to see a heavy […]
  • See your future self

    Today’s tip is both fun and a little creepy because you get to see and talk to your future self. A promotional website put together by Orange, a European telecom company allows you to take a picture of yourself and have it transformed into a 3D representation of yourself 20 years from now. I’m not […]
  • Eating better in 2015

    It’s the beginning of a new year and we are all working on our new year’s resolutions, which often times includes eating better. Well, if eating better means eating better food, as in more delicious gourmet meals, then I have a website to help you with that resolution. It’s called Goldbely and their team of […]
  • Skype translation tool

    The technical wizards over at Skype are working on something that could be a truly amazing breakthrough: real-time translation. They are slowly rolling out their Skype Translator preview program which will kick-off with two spoken languages, Spanish and English. The system is designed to translate spoken words into text and audio on a nearly instant […]
  • iPhone battery drain issues

    Anyone with an iPhone knows about the ongoing challenge of maximizing battery life while still making use of all the great features and apps. One of the tips for extending battery life that’s been circulating for years is to close background apps, but that may actually be costing you battery life. By default, iPhone apps […]
  • Heads up Android notifications

    The latest Android operating system is 5.0 and codenamed Lollipop but just because you have an Android smartphone doesn’t mean you’ll get to download it. When you get the update has a lot to do with which brand of smartphone you have and which cellular network you’re using. One of the more useful features of […]
  • Lessons you and your business can learn from the Sony hack

    One of the things I keep hearing about because of the Sony hack is encryption, but how exactly do I get it setup for my business?
  • Uber surge protection

    If you’re a regular user of Uber, you should be aware that when you schedule a ride near a large event, you could get hit with their surge pricing. During peak times around large events, rates have been known to go up as high as 10 times the normal rate. If you’re using Uber around […]
  • The Top Tens

    As you may have figured out by now, I’m a huge music fanatic and I’m constantly searching for great songs, old and new. I like revisiting older bands by searching for their greatest hits for both discovery and rediscovery. While doing this last week, I ran across a website that I had never used called […]
  • How to stop ads from stalking you around the Internet

    Whenever I go shopping online, whatever I look at seems to follow me around the Internet. How do I keep that from happening?

    Smartphones are pretty smart, but today’s tip will make your smartphone even smarter! If your contact list has become an overwhelming mess, checkout an app called Humin. It will completely change the way you interact with your iPhone. Humin is designed to remember people by how you come to know them. When you meet someone […]

    If you’ve owned an iPhone for a while, you probably have a plethora of pictures in your camera roll. I’m willing to bet that a large number of the images are bad or useless pictures that you have no use for, but you just haven’t gotten around to deleting them. As awesome as the iPhone […]
  • Weather or Not

    Weather apps are a dime a dozen and they all pretty much do the same thing…give you their best guess about the weather. Most of them are free, so featuring yet another weather app that actually costs money wouldn’t make much sense unless it did something really useful. Well, the Weather or Not app does […]