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  • Which antivirus program should I use with teens in the house?

    Securing your computer has gone well beyond just an antivirus program these days because the list of threats has grown.
  • Coinbase

    Bitcoin, the virtual digital currency, is understandably something that most people have a tough time getting their head around, even those in the banking industry. Because there is no regulatory body, it’s always been considered somewhat of a risky thing to get involved in, but a new company called Coinbase might be the first signs […]
  • Sling TV

    The term ‘cord-cutter’ refers to households that have cut out cable or satellite television service in favor of Internet based services such as Netflix or Hulu Plus. While cord cutters can save a boatload of money, they often have to give up access to first run content or live sporting events. If you’re a hardcore […]
  • Honey

    Attention online shoppers, here’s a time and money saving tip! If you do any type of online shopping, you know that coupon codes can save you money, if you know where to find them. Sites like allow you to search for coupon codes for just about any online retailer, but it’s a manual process […]
  • Magzter

    All you can eat subscription services like Netflix for movies, Hulu Plus for television, Spotify for music and Amazon Unlimited for books are clearly resonating with consumers. Well now, if you’re a magazine junkie there’s an all-you-can-read subscription service called Magzter that you may want to check out. The Magzter Gold service gives you unlimited […]
  • Google Translate now with WordLens

    Rudimentary smartphone translation apps have been around for years and one of my favorites has always been WordLens because it could visually translate words using your camera. Google acquired the company a while back and they’re doing two things that I love: they made it free to use and they’re incorporating it into the Google […]
  • Understanding the big changes in TurboTax’s software

    After years of using TurboTax, I'm not happy with the changes that they made to their software this year and am ready to try another option. Any suggestions on an alternative?
  • Allcast

    Streaming media boxes are becoming a common sight in many of our homes these days. With options like Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and even Xbox, the options are many to stream content to our HD TVs. If you have an Apple TV and an iPhone, you can push whatever’s on your phone […]
  • What is Tizen?

    Today’s tip is a preemptive bit of information for a term that you may start hearing in the near future: Tizen. No, it’s not some eastern neck wear or new buzzword for being efficient, it’s actually a relatively new mobile operating system. A partnership between Samsung and Intel is aiming to use yet another mobile […]
  • Be My Eyes

    My passion for technology and innovation is fueled by those rare occasions when someone comes up with something really amazing. This week that thing is an app called Be My Eyes and it’s simply ingenious. An enterprising social inventor in Denmark released an app that allows the visually impaired or blind to connect with sighted […]
  • Pulse LED bulbs with JBL speakers

    When is a lightbulb not just a lightbulb? When it’s on display at the world’s largest electronics show. Smart LED bulbs were everywhere at this year’s CES but one company believes that ightbulbs should do more than just generate light. Sengled believes we should hide other ugly electronics in our lightbulbs, such as wifi boosters, […]
  • Bellabeat Shell

    Baby monitors are a pretty common sight in most homes these days, but a baby monitor that monitors before and after the child is born is pretty unique. The Bellabeat Shell is a small round monitor that can let you listen to the baby’s heartbeat, track its movements and play music for your baby during […]
  • Tips for proper disposal of old technology

    Where can I take my old electronics for proper recycling?
  • Dart Laptop Charger

    No matter what brand of laptop you own, the power adapter is usually an oversized but very necessary accessory. It’s kind of a shame to have a thin, lightweight laptop with a massive power adapter. Not only does it add weight to your carry case, it becomes a big bulging mess when you attempt to […]
  • 3D food printer

    When you first hear the term 3D food printer, you’ll probably roll your eyes and chuckle at yet another crazy tech idea. If you jump to the vision of a machine printing a steak dinner, I can understand why. But 3D food printers may actually become part of your life in the foreseeable future, believe […]
  • Smart home platforms

    This year’s International CES was dubbed ‘the Internet of Things’ show, which refers to common items in your life being connected to the Internet. Light bulbs, doorbells, thermostats, garage doors and lots of other tech will slowly turn your home into a smart home that you can control from your smartphone. But before you jump […]
  • Facial recognition home security camera

    Lots of you have installed webcams as a security device in your homes, but if you want to take it to the next level, a company called Netatmo has an option. They were one of a handful of companies showing home security cameras that included facial recognition, so it can tell the difference between your […]
  • Beware: Tax season is basically Christmas for hackers

    The security industry often refers to tax season as "Christmas for hackers" because they know that millions of Americans will be using their personal computers to prepare their tax returns.
  • Smart watches are finally smart looking

    One of the more anticipated product launches this year is the Apple Watch, which is slated for a March release. If you’re a tech fanatic with a wad of cash, it’ll likely be your smartwatch of choice. Smartwatches have been available from other companies for years, but lets face it, they’re all pretty geeky looking. […]
  • Go Wallet

    The holiday season is over and the longer you’ve been on this planet, the more likely you’ll end up with some excess baggage, gift cards! This ubiquitous holiday gift is always appreciated but often lost or forgotten, once the eggnog runs out. That’s where an app called GoWallet can come to the rescue. Instead of […]