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  • FlightFox

    Booking flights, especially multi-city trips can be extremely time consuming if you want to find the best fares. It’s not unusual to spend many hours over several days to really find the best flights, especially international flights. On a recent booking, I decided to try out a service called FlightFox that claims that they have […]
  • Kenu Airframe

    For most of us, our smartphones have become our music players and our navigation systems in our cars. Having your phone in the proper position to be of use is much safer than fumbling around with it while you’re driving. An interesting option for positioning your phone on your dash is the AirFrame from […]
  • Default router passwords

    Your wireless router is your primary line of defense against Internet threats, because it prevents the outside world from having direct access to your computers. Unfortunately, most of you haven’t addressed a major security issue because you’ve left the administrative password at the factory defaults. I’m not talking about your wifi password, I’m talking about […]
  • Rookies app

    Spring training is underway which signals the start of the upcoming baseball season. If you have kids, they’re likely to play t-ball, baseball or softball at some point and dream of being on a baseball trading card when they make it to the big leagues. Well, you don’t have to wait for them to get […]
  • Security alert for smartphone and Mac users

    What exactly is the FREAK security flaw that's been discovered on smartphones and what do I need to do about it?
  • Moodies

    Thanks to voice recognition technology like Siri, we’re all spending a lot more time literally talking to our phones. We can ask our phones all kinds of things and get the information we need and now you can even have your phone tell you how you feel. An app called Moodies claims it can listen […]
  • Background Defocus Apps

    One of great things about expensive DSLR cameras is the depth of field that the lenses can provide. You know those beautiful images where the subject is in clear focus and everything in the background is blurred, which can be visually stunning. Well, if you’re not ready to part with a pile of money in […]
  • Hourly Nerd

    Crowd-sourcing is a great way to get tasks accomplished that can range from creating a new logo to building a website to getting administrative tasks done through virtual assistants. Well, now you can add hiring a business consultant to the list with a website called Large consulting firms are out of reach for small […]
  • Malicious apps send by text or email

    Smartphones have been pretty safe from malicious apps as long as you stick to getting your apps from the official app stores and you don’t jailbreak your device. Jailbreaking or rooting your phone allows you to bypass the controls put in place by the device manufacturer and is generally done by tech savvy users. But […]
  • Should ‘cord-cutters’ opt for cable Internet or DSL?

    I am currently fed up with my Internet and cable provider. I am thinking of going with DSL for Internet and just using an antenna and Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/Roku for the rest. Any advice?
  • No fly zone for drones

    When you hear the term ‘no-fly’ zone, you typically think of political unrest and war zones, but today’s tip deals with your own personal no-fly zone. Personal unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as quadcopters or personal drones are starting to fill the skies and the industry is aware of the potential privacy issues. A new […]
  • Google will give you 2GB of storage

    Securing your accounts and information is more important than ever, but unless we get a gentle reminder, we generally forget to go back and review our security settings. Google understands this and want’s to help motivate you to review your security settings, so they’ve come up with a pretty decent incentive: free storage space. If […]
  • New Facebook policy allows social media immortality

    Social networks have become so integrated in so many of our lives that when someone passes away, one of the first places you’ll go is Facebook. It’s an easy way to connect with grieving family and friends and see so many memories of the departed posted by others. But if you’re the family of the […]
  • Phone apps are just as accurate as fitness bands

    Fitness monitors are all the rage these days, but at prices that can range from $100 to $300, they can get expensive. But paying for something that’s on your wrist all day is a lot more accurate than just loading an app on your smartphone, right? Wrong! A recent study published by the Journal of […]
  • Reddit AMA app is a popular tool in geek culture, but it can be a little hard to take for the uninitiated. It bills itself as the front page of the Internet and is a great example of democracy on the Internet. It’s like a huge message board where articles and postings get voted up and down […]
  • Do new FAA regulations mean I can use a drone in my real estate business?

    At the moment, you cannot use these devices for commercial purposes without the express permission of the FAA, which is nearly impossible to get.
  • Flipboard for the web

    Gathering information on the Internet is like drinking from a firehose, unless you use tools that help you filter out what you don’t want and organize what you do. One of my favorite apps for doing this is Flipboard, which specifically focuses on your social networks and general interests Flipboard takes the feeds from Facebook, […]
  • Phishing tests

    There’s a recurring theme that’s surfaced from just about every major hack you’ve heard about lately. Most of the breaches started with a targeted phishing scam sent to someone in the company. Cleverly crafted fake corporate e-mails, also known as spear-phishing, are also responsible for many victims of ransomware. The easiest way to trick someone […]
  • 10 million passwords released

    A security researcher recently released a list of 10 million stolen passwords that he gathered from around the Internet. His hope was to enlighten the world that your older passwords are probably floating around cyberspace and for sale. With each major breach, the list of stolen passwords grows by the millions. If you’ve been using […]
  • Are cars really vulnerable to hackers?

    On a recent airing of 60 Minutes, Leslie Stahl was seen frantically trying to control a car that had been hacked by security researchers. If you saw this sensational video and you’re thinking about selling your new gadget laden car, hold that thought. What you saw was a proof of concept hack that took years […]