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  • Get in shape during the pandemic

    With the stress of a pandemic along with social and political upheaval, it’s understandable if you’ve slipped into some unhealthy habits, such as eating more and exercising less than you’d like.
  • What is testosterone replacement therapy, and do you need it

    Talk to anyone whose been around for a few decades, and you’ll usually hear that life gets sweeter with age. Even with the inevitable slowdown that starts in your 30s, your best years can still be ahead.
  • Are you ready for testosterone replacement therapy

    It is well known that testosterone plays a role in a man’s sex drive, but this vital hormone does more than regulate libido and sperm production. It also has a role in regulating systems throughout the body.
  • 4 recovery methods after an injury

    Getting injured is frustrating, especially when you’re training for an athletic event or are someone who works out frequently.
  • Quick workouts for men

    With so many people working in office settings these days, medical professionals say it’s more important than ever to prioritize physical activity.
  • 5 ways to recognize low testosterone

    If you’re a man in your 30s, you may think you’ll have high testosterone levels for decades. Low testosterone only happens to older men, right?
  • How men can have a healthy 2019

    It’s the time of year people start reflecting on their lifestyle choices, considering what resolutions they can make to improve themselves and their health in the coming year. Men who are looking to make 2019 a healthier year than years past should think about making a few simple changes they can commit to following through […]
  • Four action-packed guys trips to take this weekend

    With the last days of summer setting on us, now is the time to leave the family at home, grab a weekender bag, and meet up with the boys for the last hurrah before it’s back to the grind.
  • Warning signs most healthy men miss

    Some illnesses are easy to recognize and diagnose. Runny noses, a cough, chest pain, all make the diagnosis of various diseases relatively easy. Unfortunately, not all illnesses are so easy to recognize. And when it comes to reporting vague symptoms, men are notoriously well-known for playing down what they’re feeling. Here are some warning signs […]
  • Four biggest men’s health issues in 2018

    Take a look at the top four health problems men face and how you can win the aging game.