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  • Teen vaping on the rise, talk to your kids about vaping risks

    When Shane Watson posted a picture of a storm with the hashtag clouds, he was surprised to see more responses than ever before. People had posted their own pictures of clouds – vaping clouds. “If kids are following social media, they will constantly see it in their feed, and it’s easy to convince themselves that everyone is doing this,” said Watson, prevention specialist at the nonprofit, notMYkid. “Vaping is portrayed as hip and popular with devices that are made to look tech savvy. We need to balance out information from social media.”
  • How you can help others (and win a car) this holiday season

    It’s the giving season, which means local charities need your help serving the community. This year marks the 19th anniversary of the Sanderson Ford and ABC15 Operation Santa Claus charity drive, which runs through Dec. 18.
  • 5 tips for making beautiful memories this holiday season

    It’s easy during the holidays to get distracted by long lists of to-dos, financial worries, and family strain. In fact, a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association found that, while most people report elevated feelings of happiness and love during the holiday season, more than 60% feel high levels of stress.
  • Are you ready for testosterone replacement therapy

    It is well known that testosterone plays a role in a man’s sex drive, but this vital hormone does more than regulate libido and sperm production. It also has a role in regulating systems throughout the body.
  • Quitting tobacco — free help line offers support

    If you think you’ll never be able to stop using tobacco, Maria, Frances and Armando can tell you it’s possible – and help you through the process of quitting.
  • How you can help foster kids during the holidays

    While the holiday season is often full of excitement and celebration, some families struggle to make it a special time for their children. In fact, with over 13,400 children in foster care in Arizona, according to Arizonans for Children it can be difficult for foster families to provide a lot of gifts or holiday activities.
  • 3 essentials for outdoor grilling in Arizona

    Every season is grilling season in Arizona, so take advantage of the cooler weather by hosting an outdoor barbecue for the upcoming game or to liven up your next family dinner.
  • Play Santa Claus this season to help local charities

    The holidays are a time when thoughts may turn to helping others, so what better way is there to start the season than by playing Santa Claus?
  • It’s time to stand up to bullying

    A lot of us grew up in a time when bullying, already common in schools and on playgrounds, was thought to be “kids being kids.” Victims were expected to deal with it and “toughen up.” A lot of us also grew up without the presence of social media, a medium that keeps kids connected to each other at all times of the day. As adults, our perspective and knowledge of bullying may not be in line with today’s reality.
  • 7 ways to update your outdoor living space

    In Arizona’s year-round warm weather, the design of your yard can mean the difference between avoiding going outside and enjoying all the seasons in a space you love.