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  • 6 reasons to switch to solar

    You’ve likely heard about the benefits of adding solar power to your home, from saving the planet to saving your wallet. Perhaps you’ve considered making the switch and have done some research or maybe you’re just starting out.
  • Arizona Thrives: What clean energy means for the future of Arizona’s economy

    Arizona is in a unique position to create a path forward as the world’s economies make the transition to clean energy. A group of stakeholders that represent an economy-wide, statewide approach recently launched Arizona Thrives.
  • What to know before hiring an accident attorney

    The legal system can be complicated, which is why hiring a lawyer to help is essential when you’re dealing with injuries, wrongful death of a loved one, or all the stress that goes along with trying to get what you deserve from insurance companies.
  • Pain relief tips for remote workers

    Working from home means a lot of sitting around, often in uncomfortable positions that can do a number on your spine.
  • The best day trips in Arizona

    With warming weather and much of the past year likely spent in your house, you may be ready to burst out and do something — anything — fun. Luckily, Arizona offers many beautiful and entertaining possibilities.
  • When is the right time for cataract surgery?

    If you’ve noticed your vision has become cloudy or blurry, you may have cataracts. Although a normal part of aging, the change to your sight can be frustrating.
  • How one organization supports early childhood literacy for the most vulnerable

    Nearly two out of every three children in low-income communities don’t own a single children’s book, a fact that ultimately could have profound impacts even before entering kindergarten, according to Arizona nonprofit Southwest Human Development.
  • Is your athletic game weak? How to make it strong

    If you’ve been having a difficult time working out, alone or when competing, you may feel like age is catching up with you.
  • How to ease your parents’ transition to assisted living

    As your parents age, it might become more difficult for them to perform daily tasks, such as grocery shopping, housekeeping, even bathing and dressing.
  • Tips for staying safe for St. Patrick’s Day

    Our experts sat down with accident attorney James Bergener at Sweet James to get the four most important tips to stay safe and be prepared this holiday and through the weekend.