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Jim Sharpe Commentary for September 25th, 2018   (00:01:32)9-25-2018
How hard is getting registered to vote, really?!
Valley Political Expert Stan Barnes   (00:03:53)9-25-2018
Recapped the Doug Ducey/David Garcia debates for Arizona Governor.
ABC News Political Analyst/DC Insider Alex Castellanos   (00:04:16)9-25-2018
Sounded off on the latest happenings in the Judge Brett Kavanaugh hearings and accusations.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for September 24th, 2018   (00:01:27)9-24-2018
A family rift exposed for political gain? How low can politics go?
ABC News Senior National Correspondent Terry Moran   (00:03:31)9-24-2018
Discussed the latest happenings in allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.
Valley Political Expert/Think Tank Host Mike O'Neil   (00:03:38)9-24-2018
Talked about what to expect from tonight's Ducey/Garcia gubernatorial debate, and what each side needs to do to get the upper hand.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for September 21st, 2018   (00:01:35)9-21-2018
Walking that tightrope between those who need opioids for pain medication, and those who abuse them.
Phoenix Surgeon/ CATO Research Fellow Dr, Jeffrey Singer   (00:04:37)9-21-2018
Discusses the ongoing battle against the opioid crisis, and walking that fine line in prescribing it to people who actually need them, versus those who abuse them.
NBC Meet The Press' Chuck Todd   (00:04:32)9-21-2018
Discussed whether or not Brett Kavanaugh's sexual assault accuser, Christine Blasey-Ford, will testify. Also talked about his upcoming guests on the next edition of Meet The Press this Sunday.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for September 20th, 2018   (00:01:35)9-20-2018
When it comes to Southwest Key, Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer says it best: SHUT IT DOWN!
Valley Political Analyst Stan Barnes   (00:03:43)9-20-2018
Discussed new polling information on the Sinema/McSally and Ducey/Garcia races, and the ongoing Supreme Court hearing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.
Darren Burch, Retired Phoenix Police Sergeant/Author   (00:04:22)9-20-2018
Discussed the Phoenix Police Department and the Barrow Neurological Institute teaming up to help police officers spot people with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).
Jim Sharpe Commentary for September 19th, 2018   (00:01:29)9-19-2018
Despite the screwed up Supreme Court nomination process, there are humans amidst all the mess.
KTAR News Reporter Ashley Flood highlights a High School Teen Suicide Prevention Hotline   (00:03:16)9-19-2018
September is Suicide Prevention Month. The Teen Lifeline Suicide Prevention numbers are 1-800-248-8336 statwide, and 602-248-8336 for local. #BeThere. 
Jim Sharpe Commentary for September 18, 2018   (00:01:35)9-18-2018
Fly me to the moon.
Salvation Army Major David Yardley   (00:04:04)9-18-2018
Discussed the Salvation Army's plans to provide disaster relief for the Carolinas in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.
Valley Economist Jim Rounds   (00:04:13)9-18-2018
The U.S. is increasing its tariffs against China. Jim Rounds explains what tariffs are, and how they're impacting U.S. - China economies.
ABC News Political Analyst and DC Insider Alex Castellanos   (00:03:44)9-18-2018
Discussed the ongoing accusations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for September 17th, 2018   (00:01:35)9-17-2018
The Cardinals are losing, but at least no one's retiring at halftime.
ABC News Correspondent Jim Ryan reporting from Wilmington, NC   (00:03:29)9-17-2018
Gave a status update on the residents and situation in Wilmington, NC in the aftermath of Hurricane/Tropical Depression Florence's devastation.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for September 14th, 2018   (00:01:30)9-14-2018
The bizarre happenings of Paul Mosley, David Stringer, and the Gilbert Diaper Dude.
ASU Climatologist Randy Cerveny discusses Hurricane Florence   (00:03:10)9-14-2018
What to further expect from Hurricane Florence? Randy Cerveny explained.
Wilmington, NC resident Jon Wright braving Hurricane Florence   (00:03:36)9-14-2018
Discussed the situation in Wilmington, NC, and gave his reasons why he stayed behind, plus what the keys are to surviving a storm of Hurricane Florence's magnitude.
NBC Meet The Press Host Chuck Todd   (00:04:28)9-14-2018
Discussed Trump's controversial tweets related to Puerto Rico, and the impact the Sinema/McSally Senate race may have across the nation.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for September 13th, 2018   (00:01:38)9-13-2018
But wait...there's more...on Paul Mosley!
ABC 15 Meteorologist Iris Hermosillo describes Hurricane Florence   (00:03:39)9-13-2018
Discussed the magnitude and impact Hurricane Florence is having on the Carolina coastline, and forecasted the impact the storm will have.
Local Tech Expert Ken Coburn talks about the new iPhone.   (00:03:19)9-13-2018
Want to know more about the new iPhone? The Data Doctors' Ken Coburn shares what he knows about it.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for September 12th, 2018   (00:01:32)9-12-2018
A mother wants you to know the pain of losing a child.
Valley Political Analyst Stan Barnes   (00:03:10)9-12-2018
A new poll released from OH Predictive Insights shows Martha McSally has the lead versus Kyrsten Sinema in the race to replace departing Senator Jeff Flake's seat.
U of A Hurricane Forecaster Thomas Galarneau   (00:03:26)9-12-2018
Discussed the accuracy of his hurricane forecasting model, and what activity he expects from Hurricane Florence.
ABC News Correspondent Jim Ryan in Wilmington, NC   (00:03:59)9-12-2018
Reported on the happenings on the Carolina coast, where Hurricane Florence is expected to hit Thursday morning.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for September 11th, 2018   (00:01:38)9-11-2018
Make sure the kids remember too.
Phoenix Deputy Fire Chief Chris Stewart   (00:04:32)9-11-2018
Discussed his experiences in the rescue/recovery effort in New York after the 9/11 attacks.
ABC News Political Analyst Alex Castellanos   (00:03:26)9-11-2018
Discussed if the GOP has a shot to replace Obamacare, Trump's poll numbers, and how important it is for Republicans to retain their places in midterm elections.
ABC News Correspondent Jim Ryan   (00:03:45)9-11-2018
Reported from Wilmington, North Carolina on what people are doing to prepare for Category 4 Hurricane Florence, scheduled to make landfall by Thursday.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for September 10th, 2018   (00:01:36)9-10-2018
Keep an eye out for predators.
ABC 15 Reporter John Trierweiler   (00:03:38)9-10-2018
Discussed the events leading up to an Amber Alert issued over the weekend for a 14 year old girl. The alert has since been cancelled.
Valley Economist Jim Rounds discusses newly released job numbers   (00:02:26)9-7-2018
How will the new job numbers impact the immediate future of America's economy? Jim Rounds explains.
NBC Meet the Press' Chuck Todd   (00:04:11)9-7-2018
NBC's moderator of Meet The Press dished on what's happening in the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, and the dissention in Trump's White House.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for September 6th, 2018   (00:01:28)9-6-2018
Jim Sharpe is on vacation until Monday. In this ‘best of’ Sharper Point Commentary, Jim tells us about a scam from a couple months back - that’s STILL going on - and how he’s fighting back.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for September 5th, 2018   (00:01:36)9-5-2018
Jim Sharpe of Arizona’s Morning News is off this week so here’s a Sharper Point commentary replay. In it, Jim admits to something he’d rather most of his guy friends didn’t know about:
Valley Political Expert Stan Barnes   (00:03:45)9-5-2018
Discussed Arizona Governor Doug Ducey's decision to go with John Kyl as recently deceased Senator John McCain's temporary replacement.
Arizona Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Glenn Hammer   (00:03:59)9-5-2018
Talked about the State Supreme Court ruling against the education tax ballot initiative
ABC News Political Analyst Alex Castellanos   (00:04:37)9-4-2018
Discussed the confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, as well as another potential government shutdown.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 31, 2018   (00:01:37)8-31-2018
Honoring an extraordinary man.
ABC 15's Fay Fredericks in Washington, D.C.   (00:03:12)8-31-2018
Reported from the nation's capital as the body of John McCain will lie in state at the Capitol building.
NBC Meet The Press' Chuck Todd   (00:03:53)8-31-2018
As a guest on Meet The Press 73 times, Chuck Todd discussed what John McCain meant to the nation, as well as the world.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 30th, 2018   (00:01:44)8-30-2018
John McCain: Remembering a great American.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 29, 2018   (00:01:35)8-29-2018
A memorable and entertaining primary election cycle.
Ex-Arizona Diamondback Outfielder Luis Gonzalez   (00:04:31)8-29-2018
Recalled fond memories of his experiences with Senator John McCain. He will be one of the pallbearers when Senator McCain will be laid to rest.
Arizona Congressman David Schweikert   (00:04:24)8-29-2018
Stopped by the studio to remininsce about his experiences with departed Senator John McCain, and talked about the Arizona primary elections held on 8-28-18.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 28th, 2018   (00:01:32)8-28-2018
ABC News Political Analyst Alex Castellanos   (00:03:12)8-28-2018
Who will fill departed Senator John McCain's seat? Alex Castellanos gave his analysis.
Valley Political Expert Stan Barnes   (00:04:00)8-27-2018
With the passing of Senator John McCain, Stan Barnes gave a list of who may fill Senator McCain's Senate seat.
Valley Political Expert/Think Tank Host Mike O'Neil   (00:03:58)8-27-2018
Talked about the possible candidates to fill deceased Senator John McCain's Senate seat.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 27th, 2018   (00:01:36)8-27-2018
A small list of those who can't honor departed Senator John McCain.
Retired CIA Senior Officer Dan Hoffman   (00:04:22)8-24-2018
Discussed the Trump administration instructing diplomats to talk directly with the Taliban in Afghanistan
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 24th, 2018   (00:01:35)8-24-2018
Pecker's treasure trove of dirt on The Donald.
NBC Meet The Press Moderator Chuck Todd   (00:04:55)8-24-2018
Covered the happenings in President Trump's White House from this week.
Valley Political Analyst Stan Barnes on Senator John McCain   (00:05:47)8-24-2018
Weighed in on Arizona Senator John McCain electing to discontinue his cancer treatments, and the legacy he will leave behind.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 23rd, 2018   (00:01:39)8-23-2018
Why abolishing ICE isn't feasible.
Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone   (00:05:01)8-23-2018
Weighed in on the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) protests last night outside of the Maricopa County Jail.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 22nd, 2018   (00:01:38)8-22-2018
What will happen to President Trump? It depends on the November elections.
Arizona Governor Doug Ducey   (00:05:27)8-22-2018
Topics covered include border protection enforcement, President Trump's proposed Arizona visit, ex-Trump attorney Michael Cohen, and the state of Arizona's economy.
ABC News Legal Analyst Royal Oakes   (00:03:42)8-22-2018
Discussed the conviction of Paul Manafort, and the turning of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen.
Arizona Chamber of Commerce President Glenn Hamer   (00:03:22)8-22-2018
With American Airlines announcing a nonstop flight to London from Sky Harbor Airport, just how is Arizona doing in international trade and commerce overall? Glenn Hamer explained.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 21, 2018   (00:01:39)8-21-2018
Can't invent a big enough punishment for ego-driven, selfish, black hearted men like Christopher Watts.
ABC News Political Analyst Alex Castellanos   (00:02:54)8-21-2018
With the upcoming Arizona primary elections looming, Alex Castellanos weighed in on what to expect.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 20th, 2018   (00:01:36)8-20-2018
An all too familiar story: A tragic end to promising young lives because of drunk driving.
National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd   (00:04:20)8-20-2018
Discussed the details and happenings behind Arizona Governor Ducey's upcoming attendance of a White House event honoring ICE personnel.
ABC News Correspondent Marci Gonzalez   (00:03:47)8-20-2018
Gave further details about ICE officials detaining an illegal immigrant while he was driving his wife to a doctor's appointment.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 17th, 2018   (00:01:41)8-17-2018
Despite the recent uptick in violence against law enforcement, the PCH Give-A-Thon was a reminder of all the decent people out there.
Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson   (00:05:55)8-17-2018
Went in depth about what HUD is trying to do with affordable housing, and discussed minority support programs.
Chief of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Dr. Daniel Velez at PCH   (00:05:06)8-16-2018
Discussed the heart transplant surgery he performed on Gabriel Gonzalez, as well as his position at Phoenix Children's Hospital.
Jim Sharpe Interviews the Gonzalez family at Phoenix Children's Hospital   (00:04:40)8-16-2018
Jim Sharpe sat down with the Gonzalez family, and told the story of their son, Gabriel, getting a heart transplant.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 15th, 2018   (00:01:33)8-15-2018
Instead of seething against sick priests, show love towards kids.
ABC News Correspondent David Wright   (00:03:46)8-15-2018
Discussed the numbers and details behind the rampant pedophilia in the Pennsylvania Catholic Church over the last few decades.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 14th, 2018   (00:01:34)8-14-2018
Flying the mentally unstable skies.
Arizona Congresswoman Martha McSally   (00:05:12)8-14-2018
Discussed Trump's lack of mentioning Senator John McCain's name, in lieu of signing the National Defense Authorization Act, named after Senator McCain.
ABC News Political Analyst Alex Castellanos   (00:03:19)8-14-2018
Discussed the latest on Omarosa's recordings of White House personnel, including President Trump, and Trump's subsequent reaction.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 13th, 2018   (00:01:35)8-13-2018
Taking a break from political bickering to help the children at Phoenix Children's Hospital.
ABC 15 Morning Anchor Kaley O'Kelley Returns to Phoenix   (00:03:34)8-13-2018
Discussed her triumphant return to Phoenix after several years in Dallas, TX.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 10th, 2018   (00:01:30)8-10-2018
Spaaaaaaace Forrrrrrrrce!!!!!!!
NBC Meet The Press' Chuck Todd   (00:03:58)8-10-2018
His guest on Sunday will be Omarosa Manigault Newman, who released a book that goes into detail about President Trump behind the closed White House doors.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 9th, 2018   (00:01:37)8-9-2018
Behind the mystery of Margot Kidder's death.
ABC News Correspondent Jim Ryan   (00:03:28)8-9-2018
Reported on the findings in a New Mexico compound of 11 emaciated children, who was keeping them there, and why they were there.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 8th, 2018   (00:01:33)8-8-2018
Moderate micro-local political talk.
Republican National Committee Spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany   (00:04:22)8-8-2018
Weighed in on the O.H. Predictive Insights poll that showed moderates leaning towards the Democrats, and what it looks like for Republicans in the upcoming elections.
Valley Political Expert/Think Tank Host Dr. Mike O'Neil   (00:03:55)8-8-2018
Special elections nationwide are showing several GOP strongholds leaning towards a Democrat vote. What does it mean for the upcoming elections in Arizona? Dr. Mike O'Neil gave his insight into this trend.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 7th, 2018   (00:01:36)8-7-2018
Defacing a campaign sign? Quite the no-no. CEO Rick Seaney   (00:03:47)8-7-2018
Too early to start travel plans for the holidays? Too late for bargains for fall travel? Rick Seaney explained.
ABC News Political Analyst Alex Castellanos   (00:03:31)8-7-2018
Discussed Trump's stance on Iran, and the futile vote to remove his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 6th, 2018   (00:01:30)8-6-2018
Will the #redfored teacher raise make a quality difference for the kids?
Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas   (00:05:34)8-6-2018
Now that school is back in session, will the students return to an improved school system? Diane Douglas explained.
ABC News Correspondent Ryan Burrow   (00:04:40)8-6-2018
Went into the numbers and possible reasons behind an usually violent weekend in Chicago.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 3rd, 2018   (00:01:32)8-3-2018
The U.S. Border Patrol: It's a helluva mission.
Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich   (00:03:27)8-3-2018
What is the Financial Technology (FinTech) Sandbox, how come Arizona is the first state to try it out, and will it be a good thing? Arizona AG Brnovich explained.
Valley Economist Jim Rounds On The Latest Job Numbers   (00:03:04)8-3-2018
Discussed in depth the newly released job numbers, and what they mean for the nation's economy,
NBC Meet The Press' Chuck Todd   (00:04:54)8-3-2018
After Trump's latest attack on the media, NBC's Chuck Todd advised other members of the media to not take his comments to heart, and focus on their job.
Jim Sharpe Commentary for August 2nd, 2018   (00:01:31)8-2-2018
Putting Mr. Grumpy Butt's attitude and self-pity in check.