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Life Crunch

  • FOMO

    Happy hour. Yoga in the park. Beach vacay. What are you missing? And what aren’t you?
  • Independence Day

    Food, fireworks and freedom. Independence Day! And what do other countries do for theirs?
  • Diplomacy

    On again. Off again. On gain?
  • Sports Injuries

    ‘Walk it off’ might not be the best approach.
  • Vaping

    Heavy metals aren’t just in your old music collection anymore.
  • Youth sports and parents behaving badly

    Don’t forget…it’s youth league not the major league.
  • Syria

    Tackling complex issues with our kids is tough.
  • Over-scheduled Kids

    How busy is too busy for our kids?
  • Personal responsibility

    Taking responsibility can be hard, especially when passing the blame (and faking a coma) is so much easier.
  • Talking to your kids for success

    Words. Words. Words.