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James E. Garcia

  • Opinion: Has Trumpism mortally wounded our democracy?

    Has Trumpism mortally wounded our democracy? I hope not. Our system has lasted 240 years, and I’d like to think we have a few more good centuries in us.
  • Opinion: After Soleimani, who can’t President Trump kill?

    The debate over whether Donald Trump was justified in killing Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani has James Garcia wondering: Is there anyone the president can’t kill with impunity?
  • Opinion: Making propaganda great again

    The truth is Americans have always had to navigate, or swallow, a certain measure of government propaganda. Growing up, I thought we were better than that. Turns out sometimes we’re not.
  • Opinion: The weight of history — and Congress — will judge Trump harshly

    Trump deserves to be impeached by the House, convicted and expelled from office by the Senate and judged harshly by the weight of history.
  • Opinion: The latest Democratic debate clarified why Trump will lose

    The election of any of the Democrats who participated in last week's debate would go a long way to restoring the Office of the President, James Garcia says.
  • Opinion: ‘Tell him not to come here’

    Veronica Escobar said someone wounded in El Paso took her by the arm during a hospital visit and said, referring to Donald Trump, “Tell him not to come here.”
  • Opinion: Puerto Rican lives matter

    James Garcia explains why he thinks Americans should care about the resignation of the Puerto Rican governor and the protests leading up to it.
  • Opinion: Torture by any other name

    The horrifying and sickening treatment of child migrants and their families at the U.S.-Mexico border at the hands of at least some federal immigration and customs officials has been called “state-sanctioned child abuse.”
  • Opinion: Could Trump drown someone on the border and still keep votes?

    President Trump’s increasingly hardline immigration agenda is to blame for the deaths of Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez and his 2-year-old daughter, Valeria.
  • Opinion: Trump’s tariff threat is a dumb way to extort Mexico

    President Donald Trump’s tariff threat is a dumb way to extort Mexico and violate the sovereignty of one of America's closest allies.