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  • Border security: An achievable imperative

    Border security is an imperative to addressing national security and transnational criminal threat concerns, as well as a practical necessity to effectively administer a reformed immigration system.
  • The Real Arizona Coalition: What we’ve learned

    Over the past year, O'Connor House leaders and I participated with The Real Arizona Coalition on one of the most important, complex and divisive topics of our time: federal immigration reform. The many discussions have resulted in a consensus that can lead to some concrete solutions at long last to our diverse immigration policies.
  • The story behind the Real Arizona Coalition

    We are native Arizonans. We have always been proud of our rich heritage and our contributions to the community. Lisa Urias is Mexican-American and Denise D. Resnik is Jewish. But it seems this “Real Arizona” that we have always known and loved became lost in a whirlwind of vitriol immediately after Senate Bill 1070 was […]
  • Arizona farmers push for new guest worker program

    As lawmakers work on comprehensive immigration reform, overhauling the nation's guest worker program ranks as the top priority for Arizona farmers.
  • Chamber of Commerce leader: Immigration bill would be great for Ariz.

    The leader of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce said if a version of the Comprehensive Immigration Bill recently unveiled by a bipartison group of senators were to become law, it would mean great things for our entire state.

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