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Facing Arizona

  • Facing Arizona: ‘I love meeting and talking to people’

    I love meeting and talking to people and I feel everyone has something to say, a story to tell. I feel I can give them an opportunity to do that.
  • Facing Arizona: Finding something that will give me a lifetime of satisfaction

    Editor’s note: Facing Arizona is a series that will appear on and social media  — follow KTAR News on Instagram and Facebook for updates — highlighting unique and everyday people across our state and give you a glimpse into their lives. My name is Erik. I am 23 years old and I am currently attending […]
  • Facing Arizona: Technology has led to the need for an instant gratification mentality

    What bothers me these days, among other things, is the instant gratification mentality that our society has developed.
  • Facing Arizona: I am what you call a career-changer

    My name is Dana, I am 38 years old, and I am what you call a career-changer.
  • Facing Arizona: I live the way I live because I want to

    I have actually had people give me food or money while sitting at the light rail station. It makes me angry and sad at the same time. I have a job and I have a place to live and I don’t get a hand out from the government.
  • Facing Arizona: I’ve been homeless since I was 19

    I’ve been homeless since I was 19. I didn’t graduate school and my family turned their backs on me because I am an addict.
  • Facing Arizona: An optimistic future for Arizona

    People are taking pride in Arizona once more and it’s an incredible event to witness. I am very optimistic for the future of Arizona, with the people and their passion and love for being Phoenicians.
  • Facing Arizona: Training and competing for Spartan races while living in Arizona

    I have been competing in Spartan races since 2014. To me, being a Spartan racer, is to challenge myself, not only against others but to push myself past my limits, to be better than I am.
  • Facing Arizona: The heat in Arizona is like nothing I had ever experienced

    Hot like nothing I had ever experienced in my life. I didn’t think I would make it here and contemplated the idea of abandoning my life plan.
  • Facing Arizona: I am the current director of the Arizona Head Start Association

    If the [government] shutdown had continued, long enough, into weeks, funding starts to shut down. All of the head start programs across Arizona, they serve over 22,000 children, those classrooms would just start to shut down.