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  • Sun had no visible sunspots for February; what does this mean?

    The sun had no visible sunspots for the entire month of February. But what could this mean for us? KTAR News 92.3 FM's Dr. Sky breaks it down.
  • March skies to offer a rich variety of star events in Arizona

    Spring will kick off in Arizona on the afternoon of March 20, but the month will also see many star events that residents should look out for.
  • Opportunity shattered: NASA Opportunity rover goes silent

    NASA's Mars Opportunity rover has lasted for some 15 years, providing us with some amazing images and date from the red planet. It went silent this month.
  • Love is in the skies: Comet Iwamoto to pass Earth for Valentine’s Day

    A small periodic comet will pass by the Earth soon! Sky watchers, get set for Comet Iwamoto, as it passes within 27,000,000 miles of Earth this week. 
  • Here’s a look at the sky events for Arizona in February

    The weather in February is ideal to explore our Arizona skies. February provides an amazing conjunction with Venus and Saturn as we get into the month.
  • Dive deep into the mystery of Saturn’s ring system

    Saturn exhibits one of the most amazing structures in the entire solar system, a true well developed ring system.
  • Arizona sky watchers can witness total lunar eclipse next weekend

    A total lunar eclipse will be best seen by Arizona sky watchers during the late evening until about midnight on the night of Jan. 20. 
  • SpaceX planning first crewed vehicle launch

    SpaceX had 21 successful rocket launches in 2018 and plans for an even more aggressive schedule in 2019, including multiple launches of the Falcon Heavy.
  • The strange world of NASA spacecraft target ‘Ultima Thule’

    NASA's New Horizons spacecraft flew past the the mysterious, primitive object nicknamed Ultima Thule on New Year's Day. You can view the results here.
  • Here are the sky events for Arizonans to plan for in 2019

    As we close out 2018, what can we expect for 2019? Arizona sky watchers have some really exciting events to look forward to.