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  • Planet Uranus is at its best for Arizona viewing right now

    The discovery of Uranus, the seventh planet from the sun, opened up a new era in astronomy by expanding the size of our known solar system by literally billions of miles!
  • The amazing star Mira is shining into view this week above Arizona

    A most interesting and famous red giant variable star is now brightening and easy to view on these cool and clear October nights - Mira. first variable star to be discovered.
  • Help astronomers name 20 new moons discovered around Saturn

    New moons of Saturn, 20 in all, were discovered recently with the large Subaru telescope in Hawaii. Equally exciting? There's a contest to name them.
  • 2 meteor showers will play across the Arizona skies this week

    As October moves forward, we get to see two interesting meteor showers with some moonlight. The month opens up the fall meteor shower season with the annual Draconid shower.
  • Explaining the solar minimum of 2019 and how it affects planet Earth

    With the return of the fall season for 2019 in the northern hemisphere, it is time to look closer at our nearest star, the sun. We are now at the deepest part of what we call solar minimum.
  • It’s the perfect time for a preview tour of October skies in Arizona

    With the arrival of the autumnal equinox Sept. 23, we now look forward to the new season, along with the cool and clear nights of October.
  • Second interstellar object heading towards the sun

    In August, a Russian astronomer captured a visual of what might be the second interstellar object. It's thought to be a comet. How exciting!
  • Get ready for Friday the 13th harvest moon in Arizona’s skies

    Cue the Neil Young music and get ready for the harvest moon, one of the most amazing and romantic full moons of the year.
  • Look for some amazing September sunset skies over Arizona

    With the arrival of September and the soon to be end of the monsoon season, look for some amazing colorful sunsets.
  • Harvest moon to rise above Arizona in September

    With the seasons about to change once again in September, we have some great events to look for - the capper being the harvest moon.