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  • A close conjunction of Venus and Neptune is coming soon

    One of the brightest planets and nearest to us, Venus, will come super close to the farther of the major planets, Neptune. This very rare and unique event will take place for us on the evening of Jan. 27.
  • Is Orion constellation star Betelgeuse about to go supernova?

    Betelgeuse is a massive orange-red supergiant star in the Orion constellation and it's been dimming rather rapidly. Is it about to go supernova?
  • 2020 will bring us some amazing events in the sky

    As we welcome the next decade, this column will explain some of the more interesting events that will be going on in our worldwide night skies.
  • Christmastime brings final meteor shower of 2019

    Get set for the annual Ursid meteor shower, which will peak on the evening of Dec. 21 and into the next day.
  • Sun nears solar minimum record as 2019 cycle comes to close

    Many people know that the sun experiences an 11-year sunspot cycle and during 2019 we have been experiencing one of the deepest solar minimum!
  • The great, bright Orion nebula will amaze your eyes

    The magical constellation Orion is easy to see even from the bright lights of the city. Take time to enjoy this stellar treasure this month.
  • December skies offer many gifts for stargazers across Arizona

    With December right around the corner, we look to the holiday skies for some very special treasures for you and yours!
  • Don’t miss the upcoming moon, Venus and Jupiter conjunction

    Get set for an amazing week ahead as the bright planet Venus - fresh out of the glare of the sun - conjuncts with the mighty planet Jupiter!
  • Bright lights will streak across skies with return of Leonid meteor shower

    Get set for some celestial fireworks, as the annual Leonid meteor shower will peak on the morning of Nov. 18.
  • Rare planet Mercury transit set for early morning of Nov. 11

    Mercury, the smallest of the major planets and one of the most difficult to observe, will perform a rather rare transit across the disk of the sun Monday.