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  • Arizona families, Arizona farms: A legacy of tradition embracing animal care and comfort through modern technology

    Stemming from his family’s deep roots in agriculture, Jim Boyle is well versed on the evolution of the dairy industry.
  • Arizona families, Arizona farms: working to produce high-quality milk

    For many dairy farmers, living and working on the farm is a legacy that spans three or four generations.
  • Arizona families, Arizona farms: providing the local community with responsibly produced dairy

    For Arizona dairy farmers there exists generations of tradition, enjoyment and pride in working with the land and cows, as well as in providing a quality product that feeds our community. As stewards of the land, farmers make every effort to protect and preserve the natural resources that have allowed for this lifestyle. Sustainability efforts […]
  • Arizona agriculture is a $17.1B industry

    When someone mentions business, rarely does it evoke images of hay fields, Holstein cows, cotton fields, chickens and melons. Yet even in a technology-driven, mostly urban modern society, agriculture is big business in Arizona. The state agriculture industry is worth $17.1 billion, according to the Arizona Farm Bureau. In 2016, the Grand Canyon State had more than 19,000 […]
  • Family and hard work are keys to success of modern dairy farmers

    When you’re enjoying a dish of ice cream, you’re probably not thinking about its high levels of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins A, B12 and riboflavin. You are also unlikely to think about the farm family that dedicates their lives to ensuring Arizona residents have access to flavorful, high-quality dairy products. One example is the Van Der Toorns, […]
  • Rovey Family Farms

  • Kerr Family Dairy

    Farm Name: Kerr Family Dairy Where is your farm located? We’re located on the west side of Buckeye on the corner of Hazen and Wilson Rds. How long has your dairy been in business? 37 years How long have you been involved in the dairy business? My entire life. The Kerr family has been in […]
  • Boschma Farms

    Farm name: Boschma Farms Where is your farm located? Tolleson, Arizona How long has your dairy been in business? 42 years How long have you been involved in the dairy business? 11 years Tell us a little bit about your dairy farm: We milk all Holstien cows (black and white cows).  We are currently milking 2400 cows and have 2900 […]
  • Rio Blanco Dairy

    Name: Rosemarie Burgos-Zimbelman Farm Name: Rio Blanco Dairy Where is your farm located? Maricopa, Arizona How long has your dairy been in business?: 22 years, this is our 23rd year. How long have you been involved in the dairy business? I was born and raised in the dairy business, my father is a dairy nutritionist. My […]
  • Caballero Farms

    Tell us about your farm and ranch We are a dairy farm and we milk 3,800 cows. We ship to United Dairyman of Arizona. We also farm a large percentage of our own corn silage and alfalfa hay as forage for the cows. What changes have you seen in your lifetime as it relates to […]