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  • The other brother

    Watch Pat McMahon on “The Morning Scramble” weekday mornings at 8 a.m. on AZTV, Channel 7 (Cox Cable 13).
  • So what did we learn from the Iowa caucuses?

    Ladies and gentlemen, we are off and running! The Iowa caucuses have come and gone. So what did we learn?
  • Poll: John McCain, Ann Kirkpatrick in theoretical dead heat in Arizona

    Assuming they win their primaries, Sen. John McCain and Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick would be locked in a dead heat for one of Arizona's Senate seats, a poll said.
  • Hillary Clinton scrapes out narrow win over Bernie Sanders in Iowa caucus

    Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton was declared the winner of the incredibly tight 2016 Iowa caucus on Tuesday.
  • Bernie Sanders may ask for recount of tight Iowa caucus results

    Democratic presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders remained in a deadlock Tuesday morning after the Iowa caucus and Sanders has questioned irregularities in the vote count.
  • Secretary of state: Arizona primary ‘taxpayer-funded beauty pageant’

    Arizona Sec. of State Michele Reagan said the state's presidential primary is nothing more than a "taxpayer-funded beauty pageant."
  • Ted Cruz surprises nation with Republican caucus win in Iowa

    Texas Senator Ted Cruz stunned the nation by beating out billionaire Donald Trump in the Iowa caucus on Monday.
  • Road to the White House 2016: Delegate Tracker

    Delegates are allocated in a series of primaries and caucuses, each governed by rules that vary state by state.
  • Iowa Caucus Results

    As the first presidential primary contest of 2016, Iowa’s decision will shape the path of the races.
  • Phoenix mayor, others oppose bill outlawing early ballot collection

    Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton joined Democratic lawmakers to oppose a measure that would make it a felony for outreach groups to collect and drop off ballots.