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  • Rep. Andy Biggs looking forward to President Trump’s Phoenix rally

    U.S. Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona has a short wish list of what he hopes President Donald trump will address during his Wednesday visit to Phoenix.
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    Early voting starts in Arizona Democratic presidential primary

    Early voting in Arizona’s version of the primary began Wednesday. Election Day is March 17, two days after the remaining candidates will be in Phoenix for a debate.
  • Democratic hopefuls now test strength among minority voters

    With upcoming Democratic primaries in South Carolina and Nevada, the minority vote will play a crucial role for the presidential hopefuls.
  • Phoenix to host Democratic presidential debate in March

    Phoenix will host a Democratic debate March 15, two days before the voters go to the polls for the state’s presidential preference election.
  • Deval Patrick, last black candidate in 2020 race, drops out

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, the last remaining African American candidate in a Democratic presidential field once defined by its diversity, ended his 2020 campaign Wednesday after his late bid failed to catch fire or resonate with voters. “The vote in New Hampshire last night was not enough for us to create […]
  • Video formally launches Sen. Martha McSally’s 2020 campaign

    Arizona Republican Sen. Martha McSally officially kicked off her 2020 election bid with a video posted to her social media accounts.
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    Court allows Arizona ballot harvesting ban to remain for Democratic primary

    An federal appeals court order means the Arizona law banning ballot harvesting will remain in force through the March 17 presidential preference election.
  • Arizona Democrat Mark Kelly is No. 1 in US in Senate fundraising

    Democrat Mark Kelly has raked in $20.2 million in the current cycle, more than any Senate candidate in the country, according to research released Tuesday.
  • NH campaigns expected to shift into overdrive after debate

    MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — The final stretch before the New Hampshire primary is typically a frenetic period for White House hopefuls eager to make their mark early in the nomination process. But with just a few days left before the next contest, the scene in New Hampshire is downright calm. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders made […]
  • Arizona gained about 50K registered voters during fourth quarter of 2019

    Arizona inched closer to the 4 million mark for active registered voters ahead of a busy 2020 election season.