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Bruce St. James and Pamela Hughes

  • Faith in Humanity: Woman builds off Little Free Library idea to create Little Free Pantry

    An Arkansas woman inspired by Little Free Libraries, wooden boxes where its encouraged to take and leave books as you please, has applied the concept to non-perishable food and personal care items.
  • Movies in a Minute: ‘Jason Bourne’

    "Jason Bourne" feels like pieces of all the older films spliced together, in ways that don't benefit the flow of the movie.
  • Faith in Humanity: Phoenix-area nonprofit creates magazine to lift up women

    A Mesa woman has taken spirituality and real life advice and turned it into a magazine for women going through the struggles of poverty or the criminal justice system.
  • Faith in Humanity: Cleveland restaurant gives former inmates a second chance

    An upscale French restaurant in Cleveland is working to close the revolving door of incarceration by opening the door to opportunity for former inmates.
  • Movies in a Minute: ‘Absolutely Fabulous’

    Most movies based off old TV shows give new viewers background information so they can understand what's going on. "Absolutely Fabulous" didn't do that.
  • Movies in a Minute: ‘Ice Age Collision Course’

    Another Ice Age movie? How many have there been now? With "Ice Age: Collision Course" in theaters Friday, I can't keep up with this series anymore.
  • Faith in Humanity: Phoenix man throws benefit concert for homeless couple

    A Phoenix man has planned something special for one of the couples that he met during his trips to deliver t-shirts to the homeless.
  • Faith in Humanity: Rio Olympics leftovers will feed hundreds of hungry people

    Although the Rio Olympics haven't started yet, it looks like leftovers have already received the gold medal for service.
  • Sen. John McCain: President Obama ‘has failed America and the world’

    Following another supposed terrorist attack, the president of the United States is being blamed once again for what transpired.
  • Movies in a Minute: ‘Ghostbusters’

    The new "Ghostbusters" isn't really as funny as I'd hoped. I would describe it as being more of silly. Overall, I just feel this movie was unnecessary.
  • Faith in Humanity: Valley group’s water, food drive keeping needy safer

    The charity puts out water, food and supplies to help people cool off. In the last two years, it has distributed more than 980,000 bottles of water alone.
  • Faith in Humanity: Girl uses birthday money to buy lunches for cops

    One girl in Detroit used her birthday money to support local officers with lunches after seeing coverage of the shootings in Dallas.
  • Movies in a Minute: ‘The Legend of Tarzan’

    Tarzan leaves the jungle and returns as Lord Greystone to save the Congo. This story might feel a little new and untold to us.
  • Movies in a Minute: ‘The Big Friendly Giant’

    I think the filmmakers did a fairly decent job recreating "The Big Friendly Giant," but it never really took me to that special place of wonder.
  • Movies in a Minute: ‘Swiss Army Man’

    No this movie isn't another "Harry Potter" or "Weekend at Bernie's," even though Daniel Radcliffe is a sort of come-to-life corpse. It's "Swiss Army Man."