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  • McMahon: Time out

    How often we hear people debate about whether they would want to know the date and time of their death. Both sides have interesting arguments. But perhaps we should ask the one person who found out Tuesday.
  • McMahon: Pride

    The following is a lesson in sportsmanship. Not my definition, but that which should be agreed upon by all who truly enjoy competitive athletics.
  • McMahon: `Liz’

    These days in show business if you're anybody at all, you have long ago discarded the weight of a last name and you are known as only Madonna, Bono, Cher or Eminem.
  • McMahon: Choose

    I try not to second guess professionals.
  • McMahon: Star Ball

    His name is Jimmer. Yes, I said Jimmer. Don't ask.
  • March 21, 2011

    It wasn't that long ago that these two criminals were probably watching Sesame Street.
  • Green

    An open letter from St. Patrick:
  • McMahon: Nukes

    Anybody remember the 1979 movie "The China Syndrome"?
  • McMahon: Then & Now

    The Japanese man told me he came out of his basement, looked around and everything had changed.
  • March 14, 2011

    The Phoenix police have a holiday murder mystery on their hands.
  • McMahon: Babies

    So I was talking to this prostitute at the Arizona State Capital yesterday… sounds like the beginning of a joke, doesn't it?
  • McMahon: It’s A Gamble

    Now this is a perfect example of my sticking my nose into a lot of business that shouldn’t concern me. I’m sure the people of Glendale will feel that way because I’ve never lived there. I have no doubt that more of you would mistake me for a member of any Native American tribe. And […]
  • Pat McMahon: Free Speech

    I was born in Kansas. Occasionally, I quietly wish some others had not been -- or born anywhere else for that matter.
  • Pat McMahon: Shalom

    IL papa, IL papa. That means the pope, the pope. It also reminds me that for all too many years now, a lot of people have felt ill at how the Roman Catholic Church -- my church -- has treated the Jews.
  • Pat McMahon: Charlie

    Now, come on. Admit it. In the last few weeks, you've considered the idea of Lindsay Lohan as your kid's nanny as opposed to Charlie Sheen sharing the same planet with you. Oh wait! I forgot. Charlie isn't on our planet. He's already told us he's a rock star from Mars.