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  • `Beat Salad’

    My wife and I like to eat out. In fact, because of our schedules, cooking meals every night is impossible. So for us, most of the time it's restaurants or malnutrition.
  • McMahon: Grey Areas

    Shame on….us. All of us. The media. We get blamed for everything that happens on the planet by everyone – conservative – liberals – neo-cons & neo-socialists – Catholics – Jews & Atheists. Palestinians hate us for broadcasting & writing only pro-Israel news & Israelis rip us apart for being disloyal to their cause. Somebody […]
  • McMahon: Reaper

    In case you hadn't heard, 32 American military personnel were killed this June, the highest monthly toll ever. Another tragic record was set last year -- 245 violent deaths, and this year looks like it will be considerably higher.
  • McMahon: A Bush Call

    Jeb Bush for president, don't laugh. A lot of people are talking seriously about just that. And a whole bunch of them are Republicans. So before you dismiss the idea remember, Jeb was the first choice of the Bush family to ascend to the White House, but a series of circumstances gave us "W."
  • July 19, 2010

    PHOENIX – A couple of arsonists may have picked the wrong shed to set on fire. The arsonists hit the Arizona Grand Resort at around 4 a.m. on July 13, 2010, according to Phoenix Police Sergeant Darren Burch. Burch says the two men set fire to a storage shed that was being used by Swank […]
  • McMahon: Black Sox

    Recently, I got a serious case of reality whiplash when I was reminded that baseball in America had the Negro leagues actively in existence until 1960. Now, Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in 1947 and prior to that, black baseball players played segregated, apart and very often excellently, from 1920. But Negro leagues existed until 1960 --- in my lifetime.
  • McMahon: Love Story

    As all those hook-up TV reality shows try to come up with new angles for the romantically deprived, look what happens right in front of us. Bristol and Levi are engaged. Please! Give me a moment.
  • McMahon: Dropping like flies

    Then there was one - well, maybe one and one half.
  • McMahon: Big Solution

    I'm sure you'll agree that everybody is interested in somebody, somewhere, solving our border problems. Well, how about me!
  • McMahon: Kicks

    Oooo! I think I got kicked in the vuvuzela. Never before had I gotten really caught up in the World Cup or soccer in general. I always appreciated the athleticism of the players and the extraordinary passions of the fans. So this year, because of the American team’s success and all the media coverage, I […]
  • McMahon: Priorities

    So we're constantly reminded, as parents and grandparents, to be the best examples we can be to the kids -- to teach values and to emphasize the truly important things in life, not material possessions like imported luxury cars or opulent estates here and abroad.
  • McMahon: Double check

    I know the World Cup final is on Sunday and I know Spain is playing the Netherlands. The fact that I can state both of those facts confidently must mean soccer is catching on.
  • McMahon: Suit from the Suits

    Nobody should really be surprised. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton slipped during a Latin America interview and prematurely warned us that the Justice Department was planning a legal challenge to Arizona's immigration law that is to take effect July 29.
  • McMahon: Rubber Stamping

    I was just told by a friend that she was sitting near some Lakers fans during the suns playoff series and when Phoenix took the court these Los Angeles people began to chant "racist - racist" at our guys - and our city and our state.
  • McMahon: Zipporah Farewell

    I forget things all the time. And no -- it's not a sign of advanced age. Like so many of you, I forget little things: my car keys, my cell phone, some people's names, an occasional movie title, stuff like that. But in my whole life as a parent, I've never forgotten a baby.