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  • Phoenix man taken into custody after police standoff

    A standoff between a man and Phoenix Police has ended quietly.
  • Body language has impact on presidential debates

    Candidates could reveal a lot not by what they say, but rather what they show.
  • Gas prices affecting small businesses

    Eating out could soon be more expensive, as small business owners grapple with keeping customers happy and protecting their bottom line.
  • Paradise Valley schools turn to web for bully solutions

    The Paradise Valley Unified School District is relying on technology to stop bullies.
  • Arizona lawmakers look forward to presidential debate

    Arizona Republican Sen. Jon Kyl said he expects an energetic debate but the pressure is clearly on the president.
  • Pollster: Pressure firmly on Obama for latest debate

    Many of President Obama's supporters want him to come out swinging at Republican Mitt Romney at Tuesday's second debate.
  • Despite glut of ‘official’ days, groups like proclamations

    As executive director of the Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council, Larry Clausen is thrilled that President Barack Obama declared October National Disabilities Employment Awareness Month.
  • Mesa to offer electronics recycling event

    Mesa residents who don't need or use electronics or appliances can bring them to the East Mesa Service Center on Oct. 20.
  • Eating right could prevent seasonal flu

    Flu season is just around the corner and certain foods can keep you healthy all year.
  • Paul Ryan girl wants to get ‘fiscal’

    What do you get when you mash a classic '80s song, politics and video camera together?
  • Baumgartner’s record-setting space jump

    Felix Baumgartner jumped 128,120 feet on Sunday, Oct. 14, breaking the highest altitude skydive in history.
  • Movies in a Minute: Seven Psychopaths

    A screenwriter who is creating a movie about seven psychopaths meets some along the way. Bruce St. James says, “Stealing a line from my friend Kevin, “this is L.A. Story meets Reservoir Dogs”. Exactly. A movie about making a movie with a remarkably clever plot/story, punctuated by some graphic violence all wrapped up with some […]
  • The Big Red Rhyme: Cards v. Bills

    Gaydos can’t help but feel the Arizona Cardinals lost to the Buffalo Bills by a foot! Follow @KTAR923
  • Secretary of Labor visits the Valley

    Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis toured the Southwest Skill Center at Estrella Mountain Community College in the west Valley on Monday.
  • ASU hoping to show Oregon a Devil of a time

    When we talk about the Valley of the Sun and all the communities that make up that metro area of more then 4.5 million, we sometimes forget that we have a large city within a city on the east side.