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  • August 13, 2012 [RE-BROADCAST from 8/21/09]

    On March 21, Marcus Dickinson's life came to an abrupt and sudden end.
  • That Guy – The Jacket in the Heat Guy

    Chuck Powell describes the guy you love to hate – the guy who wears his jacket in the heat because he just bought it.
  • App uses phone camera to measure heart rate

    A new app can use the camera in a smartphone to measure the user's heart rate.
  • UFO spotted among Swiss fireworks?

    UFO theorists are all talking about a video from Switzerland that purports to show an unknown craft watching a fireworks show.
  • Good scout, bad ethics

    At last, something President Obama, Mitt Romney and I can agree on.
  • Arizona native becomes first female NFL official

    A Tempe woman made history on Thursday, becoming the first woman to an officiate an NFL football game.
  • A State of Attitude

    Question: A Twitter listener asks if it would be a bad business practice to charge double what you were charged to contract work out. Dave says it’s neither good nor bad. Answer: No. I wouldn’t consider it good business or bad business. Margin does not dictate price. It is amazing to me that people who […]
  • Four Phoenix police officers file claim against city

    Four Phoenix officer have filed a claim, stating that they intend to sue the city for damages and for the return of their jobs.
  • Police searching for robber who stole oxycodone

    Police are looking for a man who entered a Peoria pharmacy and stole oxycodone.
  • Scottsdale nurses receiving advanced training

    Scottsdale Healthcare is one of five hospitals that are sharing a $200 million initiative to train advance practice nurses.
  • Google’s self-driving car accident free after 300K miles

    A self-driving car designed by Google has surpassed 300,000 miles on the road without an accident.
  • Former ASU soccer player wins gold in London

    A former Arizona State University soccer player has won a gold medal with the United States Women's National Team in the London Games.
  • Unattended package puts Tempe school in lockdown

    Police are investigating an unattended package located near Southern and McClintock.
  • Scripture of the Day 08.09.12

    John 8:12 — I am the light of the world; whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. Follow @KTAR923
  • Colorado shooter evicted from apartment

    The landlord for alleged Colorado shooter James Homes has filed court papers to evict him.