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  • Study: Sky Harbor brought $28.7 billion to Valley in 2011

    Phoenix Sky Harbor directly contributed $28.7 billion to Arizona's economy in 2011, a study said.
  • Man arrested for leaving infant alone in apartment

    A man was arrested Tuesday for leaving his 3-month-old child alone in an apartment.
  • Mac & Gaydos: Why wouldn’t you want an armed posse?

    Today on Mac & Gaydos… • 3:15 p.m.: Guadalupe Councilman Andrew Sanchez joins us to talk about why he is opposed to Sheriff Arpaio’s school posse. • 4:05 p.m.: Arizona is getting hit with this nasty flu strain. Have you gotten your shot? • 5:15 p.m.: Do you ask other parents if they own guns […]
  • For playdates do you ask about guns now?

    It’s a rite of passage, playdate and sleepover invitations show that your child is maturing and starting to set out on their own a little bit. asks if it’s time parents ask about guns before the sleepover or playdate takes place. How far do you take it, do you ask about drug use? Alcohol […]
  • Round and round we go with with Jack Lew

    Much has been made of expected Treasury secretary nominee Jack Lew’s circular signature. On the off chance anyone is curious what their John Hancock would look like written a la loop-de-Lew, Yahoo News has provided the masses with the opportunity to find out. As long as the check clears, he can write however he wants.
  • Chandler brewery unleashes ‘Sex Panther’ in stores

    Inspired by a scene from the movie "Anchorman," the San Tan Brewing Company has put "Sex Panther" in Valley stores by the six pack.
  • Scottsdale among top 20 gayest cities in America

    When the conversation for same-sex marriage crops up, it's likely some folks in Scottsdale would be more than happy to see it pass in Arizona.
  • Phoenix Open to host military-only venue

    The 2013 Waste Management Phoenix Open tournament will provide men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces with a new, exclusive scene known as the Birdies for the Brave Patriots' Outpost.
  • City of Mesa announces 2012 employee donations

    The City of Mesa raised over $125,000 from a number of charitable events in 2012.
  • Flu season picks up steam; 2,200 cases in Arizona

    A state health official reported that 2,200 cases of the flu have been reported.
  • Wounded MCSO deputy’s family appreciates public’s concern

    PHOENIX — As 49-year-old sheriff’s deputy Ruben Garcia remains hopsitalized in intensive care after a shooting, the dangers of his job have hit home with his family. “Up till today we never really took in mind the risks that my brother has gone through and all … fellow officers that work with him,” said older […]
  • Frosty weather to make extended run in Phoenix

    The last time the Valley had four straight sub-freezing mornings was 25 years ago.
  • Expert points to link between obesity and cancer risk

    While only seven percent of Americans surveyed in a recent poll mentioned cancer as a consequence of obesity, local experts emphasize that the link between obesity and cancer is real.
  • Former pro football players warn against sleep apnea

    Several former pro football stars will be at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort tonight on Thursday to give a free seminar on sleep apnea and the problems it causes.
  • Guadalupe leader rejects Arpaio’s school posse

    A Guadalupe leader said his town does not want Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's deputized volunteers to patrol schools in his city.