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  • Movies in a Minute – Dark Shadows

    Barnabas Collins, a vampire, returns to his beloved city after being buried for two centuries and is forced to reintegrate with his family. The film is based on the 70’s TV series “Dark Shadows.”
  • Most Americans think the country benefits from the wealthiest ‘1 percent’

    When asked if the United States benefits from having a rich class of people, 63 percent of respondents said it does while 34 percent responded with "no."
  • Gaydos’ Political Poetry – His and His Towels

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  • Study shows recession-era graduates only earn $27,000

    Graduation approaches for many, but tough times continue for college grads as a new study shows a grim job outlook for young adults entering the workforce.
  • Box office predictions: New vampire movie debuts, and for once, it isn’t a Twilight sequel

    "The Avengers" broke records that nobody could have foreseen. Now holding the record for highest opening weekend, it faces a dark new competitor in the Johnny Depp horror comedy, "Dark Shadows."
  • Mother’s Day meals made easy

    Men need not panic when it comes to meals for Mother's Day. Below are some easy and delicious recipes for the women they love.
  • Grooms

    I have no doubt that President Barack Obama is not a Muslim who was born in Kenya and is secretly an avowed Marxist who, as a real life Manchurian Candidate, is committed to the overthrow of the United States of America.
  • Rich Dozer on Pat’s Personal Portraits

    Rich Dozer, former President of the Arizona Diamondbacks tells Pat McMahon stories you’ve never heard about the 2001 D-backs World Series. Follow @KTAR923
  • That’s The Spirit

    Hey Spirit Airlines! Would you just give me an outside chance to like you?
  • Tabloid Fantasy League – Week 12

    What exactly is the ‘Tabloid Fantasy League?’ KTAR’s Chuck Powell explains… The TFL or Tabloid Fantasy League is my own invention. You’ve heard of fantasy football, I’m assuming. Well, the TFL is fantasy football with celebrities. But instead of the gridiron, the covers of tabloid magazines comprise our playing field. Four teams, seven celebrities on […]
  • Surprise summer storm rolls through Valley

    It's not monsoon season yet, but a severe storm surprised many Valley residents on Wednesday.
  • Obama supporting gay marriage is not ‘brave’

    Barack Obama became the first sitting president to officially endorse same sex marriage.
  • Fire destroys portion of Whiskey Row in Prescott

    A two-alarm fire on Prescott's famed Whiskey Row has destroyed at least three businesses.
  • Fire destroys portion of Prescott’s Whiskey Row

    A two-alarm fire on Prescott's famed Whiskey Row has destroyed at least three businesses.
  • Prayer

    Dear God: This is Pat and I'm sure you know I've never said a prayer to you about a sports team. I mean, the other side would be praying for their team and you would be under a great deal of stress.