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  • Sheriff Joe Arpaio on racial profiling

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio was on CNN’s Erin Burnett show and stated he doesn’t believe the stats support racial profiling in Arizona. He said he will continue to enforce the law, despite the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down three of the four key components of the immigration law.
  • Dozens of demonstrators protest outside Romney fundraiser

    On the same day the U.S. Supreme Court announced its decision on Arizona's controversial SB-1070 immigration law, Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney held a campaign fundraiser inside the Scottsdale Plaza Resort, about 50 demonstrators protested outside in the heat. They were voicing their displeasure against both Romney and SB-1070.
  • High court limits state action on immigration

    Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) – A divided Supreme Court threw out major parts of Arizona’s tough crackdown on illegal immigrants Monday in a ruling sure to reverberate through the November elections. The justices unanimously approved the law’s most-discussed provision _ requiring police to check the immigration status of those they stop for other reasons _ […]
  • Court ruling leaves Ariz. to rely on feds

    Associated Press PHOENIX (AP) – For all the declarations of victory, the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to preserve the “show me your papers” provision in Arizona’s immigration law means the state can enforce the statute only with the help of its chief critic: the federal government. The court’s decision Monday struck down parts of the […]
  • Governor Brewer: Obama administration made Arizona a target

    Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is fighting mad after the Obama administration announced Monday it was rescinding agreements that allow local law officials to enforce federal immigration laws.
  • Arizona Senate President says Obama is acting like a ‘spoiled child’

    Arizona’s Senate President Steve Pierce had strong words about President Barack Obama after 287(g) was suspended between the government and many Arizona law enforcement agencies. “Acting more like a spoiled child than a President, the Obama administration today pulled the agreement to have Arizona law enforcement officers enforce federal laws on illegal immigration. These are […]
  • Phoenix Chief of Police vows to protect residents’ civil rights

    Racial profiling continues to be a major concern for many residents. Some critics argue racial profiling is inevitable and it's human nature to abuse power, however the Chief of Police for the city of Phoenix, Daniel Garcia maintains that he will protect residents' civil liberties.
  • Mexico laments part of US immigration ruling

    The Mexican government says it's disappointed that the U.S. Supreme Court upheld part of an Arizona law requiring police check the immigration status of anyone they stop.
  • Federal hotline set up on Arizona immigration

    The Justice Department has set up a hotline for the public to report potential civil rights concerns regarding the Arizona law that requires police to check the immigration status of those they stop for other reasons.
  • Tucson man gets jail, probation in son’s death

    A Tucson man accused of breaking several of his infant son's bones has been sentenced to two years in jail and five years' probation.
  • Arizona prosecutors oppose execution stay for Lopez

    Arizona prosecutors have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to deny a stay of execution for a condemned inmate scheduled to die by injection Wednesday.
  • Scripture of the Day 06.25.12

    James 1:22 — Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. Follow @KTAR923
  • Quote of the Day 06.25.12

    Do you know what real poverty is? It is never having a big thought or a generous impulse. — Jerome P. Fleishman Follow @KTAR923
  • 3 bodies recovered in southern Ariz. desert

    Border Patrol agents said the bodies of three suspected illegal immigrants have been recovered in southern Arizona.
  • Public, Hispanics differ on immigration law

    Many Americans who support Arizona's immigration law are also open to a creating a path to U.S. citizenship, according to a recent survey.
  • Feds to cut off many immigration-related calls from Arizona law enforcement

    In wake of the Supreme Court ruling on SB 1070, the Department of Homeland Security announced that federal authorities will decline many of the calls reporting illegal immigrants that the department may get from Arizona law enforcement.
  • 2 bears killed after Arizona campground attacks

    Arizona authorities have killed two bears in the Tonto National Forest after three attacks on three people since May 31 in the Payson area.
  • Obama offers mixed verdict on immigration ruling

    WASHINGTON (AP) – Pressing his immigration agenda, President Barack Obama said he is pleased the Supreme Court struck down key parts of Arizona’s immigration law Monday but voiced concern about what the high court left intact. The court allowed a provision requiring police to check the immigration status of someone they stop for another reason […]
  • Homeland Security chief Napolitano pleased with ruling

    Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano on SB 1070:
  • Kansas drafter of immigration law calls ruling ‘huge’

    The Kansas attorney who helped draft the Arizona immigration law calls the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling a "huge victory."