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  • (Youtube screenshot)

    ‘Star Wars’ releases heartwarming tribute video for actress Carrie Fisher

    It's been nearly five months since actress Carrie Fisher passed away, but the world is still mourning. But thanks to a new tribute video, "Star Wars" fans can relive the good times.
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    First trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ released, internet freaks out

    The galaxy finally got its first peek at "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" on Friday and the trailer quickly climbed YouTube's trending videos chart.
  • squirrel ice cream photo

    Putter the squirrel loves ice cream more than most people

    Putter the squirrel lives near an ice cream shop, and might never leave, because it'll come down whenever someone calls it to grab some ice cream.
  • (YouTube screenshot/Marvel Entertainment)

    Thor and Hulk square off in epic ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ trailer

    Two members of the Marvel Universe meet up in the latest trailer for "Thor: Ragnarok," a menacing, Led-Zeppelin-laden teaser for the upcoming motion picture.
  • efgergerdge

    Man goes on Europe’s fastest roller coaster, gets hit by bird

    Ferrari Land, a theme park recently opened an outside Barcelona, Spain, has 11 attractions, and one of them is the fastest roller coaster in Europe.
  • han solo bad lip reading phoot

    ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ gets the hilarious ‘Bad Lip Reading’ treatment

    Thanks to bad lip reading, we get to see Han Solo and Princess Leia talk about frappes, while Chewbacca talks about going to a bar.
  • (Twitter Photo)

    Professor’s kid goes viral after wearing Godzilla costume to class

    We’ve heard of getting dressed up to go to school, but this may be taking things a little too far. And it’s hilarious.
  • (Screenshot)

    British man goes full Iron Man, builds jet-pack suit

    Humans have long had an infatuation with flight. Like the superheroes we see in comic books or on the big screen, one man built a way to get off the ground.
  • Capture

    Top April Fools’ Day jokes range from pools in aircrafts to extreme food delivery

    As always, the internet was locked, loaded and ready to go for April Fools' Day.
  • Coldwell banker commerical

    Dog, man find love in latest Coldwell Banker commercial

    A man who appears to be lost after his love left him and a dog who is in need of a home find each other in a Coldwell Banker commercial.
  • (Gilbert Police Twitter Photo)

    Gilbert Police makes ‘important announcement’ on April Fools Day

    We should have seen it coming. On Friday evening, the Gilbert Police Department tweeted that it would be making an important announcement on Saturday.
  • ehyvfwauefyvuw

    Teacher’s fake spelling test receives priceless reaction from students

    At a certain age, kids are very susceptible. One teacher proved that to be the case, giving out a fake spelling test with ridiculous words.
  • (Twitter screenshot)

    Adorable video of little girl talking to robot disguised as water heater goes viral

    In today's episode of, "Kids Say The Darnest Things," this "awwww"- inducing video of a little girl interacting with a robot posted by Arizona-based user Ben Tolmachoff has gone viral on Twitter.
  • (Screenshot)

    Marvel debuts second trailer for ‘Spider-man: Homecoming’

    The official trailer for the upcoming “Spider-Man: Homecoming” movie debuted online on Tuesday, giving audiences a better idea what will happen in the film.
  • flight_lights

    Flight takes passengers to view stunning Southern Lights from the air

    Properly named the "Flight to the Lights," a plane from New Zealand took an out-of-the-way route for its passengers to view the Southern Lights.