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  • Helen Mirren to star in thriller film about Winchester Mystery House

    "Winchester: The House that Ghosts Built," starring Helen Mirren, follows the true story of Sarah Winchester and the Winchester Mystery House.
  • Phoenix-area suburb posts funny video to show off warm winter weather

    One Phoenix-area city used the Valley's warm weather to its advantage and showed off the benefits of living in the desert in the winter in a funny video.
  • This video of quadruplets hugging will make your day

    What is cuter than a set of identical twin hugging non-stop? How about a set of quadruplets? A video of four girls hugging went viral on New Year's.
  • Taco Bell announces $1 Nacho Fries, internet can’t handle it

    Taco Bell is going to make your fry habit so much worse. The Mexican restaurant chain will add $1 nacho fries to its menu starting on Jan. 25.
  • Social media shows intense so-called ‘bomb cyclone’ storm on East Coast

    The so-called bomb cyclone storm took the East Coast by storm, with many taking to social media to document the extreme weather conditions.
  • Need a laugh? Relive 2017 with these hilarious news bloopers

    During live news broadcasts, broadcasters and reporters can unknowingly cause hilarious moments. Here are some of the best news bloopers from 2017.
  • Google Home gives this Italian grandmother the fits in YouTube video

    Google home was a very popular Christmas gift but gave users some trouble as they were learning how to use the device properly.
  • Merriam-Webster’s top looked up words of the year

    Merriam-Webster dove deep and found the top ten most looked up words -- and when they were found -- in 2017, such as syzygy, hurricane and federalism.
  • Relive the top songs of 2017 with this musical mashup

    Mashup artist Andy Wu is putting his spin on end of year summaries with his latest piece of art posted on YouTube called "Perfect Struggle."
  • The top 10 ads on YouTube in 2017

    The year is coming to a close and YouTube ads leaderboard has published the top 10 advertisements for 2017.
  • Jenga ‘wizard’ dazzles viewers after wobbly start to YouTube video

    A man took a risk and makes an improbable move in Jenga. the stack of wood quickly jumped into the air, the man left his hand out. Then, his mouth dropped.
  • The Piano Guys go all out with 500,000 Christmas lights and piano

    The Piano Guys are back at it again this holiday season with yet another incredible video to help get you in the holiday spirit.
  • The stories behind 5 Christmas traditions you celebrate

    There are plenty of Christmas traditions that people who celebrate the holiday have fond memories of, but how did they come to be?
  • Young child steals baby Jesus during Nativity play at Tennessee church

    A Facebook video has gone viral after a young girl attempted to steal the baby Jesus from his manger during a Nativity play at a Tennessee church.
  • Ten of the best Christmas commercials of all time

    We’ve rounded up our favorite Christmas commercials — the ones that have stuck with us through the years and fill our hearts with joy.
  • Lightsabers are traded in for guitars in ‘The Last Shredi’

    With so much Star Wars aurora going around, Stuart Edge and company decided to go with a more nontraditional look, trading in lightsabers for guitars.
  • YouTuber goes off key with classic Christmas carols

    It's that time of year where everyone seems to be getting into the holiday spirit. But for one YouTuber, he's made a few changes to some of the classics.
  • 24 ugly Christmas sweaters to celebrate the season

    We found some of the best ugly Christmas sweaters available online to help you dress the part this holiday season.
  • New Swiss funicular railway offers its passengers spectacular sights

    Riders are practically carried up the slope in a straight vertical line on the Stoosbahn, the world's steepest railway in Switzerland.
  • Viral video transforms abandoned mall into Winter Wonderland

    YouTube personality Casey Neistat, a team of influencers and Samsung have teamed up to transform an abandoned Milwaukee mall into a true Winter Wonderland.