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  • Apple set to announce latest iPhone in September

    In a world where phones are constantly evolving and companies are trying to one-up on one another, Apple will announce its latest game-changer on Tuesday.
  • British reporter taken on wild virtual reality ride on live TV

    With the advancements in technology and virtual-reality simulations, the line between what is real and what is not can feel more blurred than ever these days. 
  • YouTube prankster picks up girls in toy car at Arizona State University

    The main campus of Arizona State University has long been a hotbed for public pranks, but this one from YouTube user ThatWasEpic might take the cake.
  • Even the worst shows can help us celebrate TV’s 90 years

    A young man with a dream made waves on this date 90 years ago, paving the way for future days, evenings and weekends spent on the sofa laughing, crying and cheering.
  • Intense video of plane flying through Hurricane Irma surfaces on Twitter

    Members of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Hurricane Hunters posted a terrifying video of them flying through the eye of Hurricane Irma on Tuesday. 
  • Flames spew from airplane in Japan after bird strike

    A scary situation for any flyer occurred in Japan when flames came out of an airlines flight after a reported bird strike.
  • Dog can’t contain itself after owners surprise her with new bed

    Humans get excited over a new phone, but for dogs it's about the simpler things in life like going on walks and, how could anyone forget, getting a new bed.
  • Man comes dangerously close to being struck by lightning

    A man in Norway almost had the shock of his life after a strike of lightning hit less than six yards from where he was standing.
  • Monster trucks pull National Guard truck out of Harvey flooding

    Video posted online showed two monster trucks were used to pull a National Guard vehicle out of floodwaters caused by Hurricane Harvey near Houston.
  • Texas man reunites with father on live TV after losing home to Harvey

    A Texas man who said he lost his home from Hurricane Harvey was reunited with his father on a live CNN broadcast on Monday. 
  • Texas man shown on video fishing in home flooded by Hurricane Harvey

    Texans know how to make the best of a bad situation -- even when their home is full of knee-deep water from storms stemming from Hurricane Harvey.
  • Camera shows fish at record-breaking depth below sea

    With the use of 4k cameras, researchers aboard the JAMSTEC research vessel caught on camera the deepest fish ever recorded.
  • This video of a Rube Goldberg machine will blow your mind

    Let's face it: Rube Goldberg machines are pretty cool. But there might not be a Rube Goldberg that tops this one, which takes more than four minutes to complete its run.
  • Literal robot dance breaks Guinness record

    While we wait for the robot invasion to partially take over the world, in the meantime, let's have some fun with them.
  • Fans surprise wrestler John Cena with heartfelt thank you notes in viral video

    Get the tissues ready: This video of fans thanking WWE wrestler John Cena for being their role models is sure to make you tear up.