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  • House built with LEGO bricks holds special museum in basement

    A house in Billund, Denmark, is not only devoted to the popular building block toy, it is also built like LEGO itself, called The House of Bricks.
  • Second trailer released for upcoming ‘Jumanji’ film

    A second trailer was released late last week for "Jumanji" and, though it admittedly looks a little dumb, it could be a good movie for the whole family.
  • Woman grooves in viral video with people stuck at airport overnight

    A woman who was stuck in a Charlotte airport overnight spent her evening making a bunch of new friends by dancing and posting the results in a viral video.
  • Video shows laser cannon shooting down unmanned aircraft

    ATHENA, built by Lockheed Martin, shows off its laser beams by taking down five unmanned aircraft with precision while at the White Sands Missile Range
  • Paul Rugg relaxes by petting a dog — that bites him

    Paul Rugg said he likes to get home and pet his dog. But when he starts to pet the dog, the little mutt goes crazy and starts to bite his hand.
  • New Zealand couple offered free trip to Norway in new marketing campaign

    Tourist destinations can be less than relaxing because of all the people who visit. But the tourism office of Oslo, Norway is using that to its advantage.
  • Video of dog retrieving football tees for Boise State goes viral

    College football is officially back in action, and this season's biggest star isn't any player, coach or assistant -- it's a dog. 
  • SpaceX publishes video of multiple orbital rocket booster fails

    In a recent video, SpaceX shows its viewers just how hard it can be to remotely land a rocket. On a small platform. In the ocean.
  • Explorer documents month-long journey at sea in YouTube video

    Ever wonder what it would be like to spend a month at sea? Thanks to the magic of YouTube, you can do it -- and in just 10 minutes.
  • Kristen Bell sings her heart out in Orlando to hurricane evacuees

    Actress Kristen Bell sure surprised a lot people in Florida over the weekend, cheering up Hurricane Irma evacuees in Orlando.
  • Clown pranks flood internet after ‘It’ hits big screen

    After "It" and its clown monster Pennywise hit the big screen, people began scaring their friends and posting the resulting videos online.
  • Jimmy Kimmel interviews Irish family featured in viral bat video

    Tadhg Fleming found it funny when a bat entered his home in Ireland, so he captured his father struggling to swat the flying, furry nuisance on video.
  • Enjoy movie moments of 6 great seniors for Grandparents Day

    It's Grandparents Day. Older people are the butt of a lot of jokes in the entertainment world, but there is nothing mockable about these six movie grandparents.
  • Apple set to announce latest iPhone in September

    In a world where phones are constantly evolving and companies are trying to one-up on one another, Apple will announce its latest game-changer on Tuesday.
  • British reporter taken on wild virtual reality ride on live TV

    With the advancements in technology and virtual-reality simulations, the line between what is real and what is not can feel more blurred than ever these days.