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  • Mandy Harvey photo

    Deaf woman amazes crowd with song on ‘America’s Got Talent’

    Mandy Harvey, 29, was on stage at "America's Got Talent" needing her interpreter, but amazed the crowd and judges with her song "Try."
  • 12342134

    Nightmare material in Texas, where rattlesnakes are found in toilets

    There are not many places that have a true sense of vulnerability like sitting on the toilet.
  • (Instagram Photo)

    Baby Groot bread selling like hotcakes at Disney theme park

    Without a doubt, the star of summer blockbuster, "Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2," is huggable, tiny tree-like alien Baby Groot. His likeness in bread has become a popular food order at Disney's California Adventure park.
  • (Facebook Photo)

    It’s just a little storm: Photo of dad mowing lawn as tornado nears goes viral

    A viral photo posted Friday by a Canadian woman shows her husband mowing the lawn with a good-sized tornado in the background.
  • (Screenshot of YouTube via 20th Century Fox)

    ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ movie to hit theaters, trailer released

    A motion picture release of the Agatha Christie novel Murder on the Orient Express will come out this November, according to the film's trailer.
  • (YouTube screenshot)

    Parking lot explodes after water pipe bursts underground

    The pavement of a parking lot suddenly bubbled up and quickly exploded in Kiev, Ukraine after an underground pipe burst open.
  • Jupiter

    A sight to behold on the gas planet of Jupiter

    At 365 million miles away from Earth, the chances of anyone ever taking a trip to Jupiter is probably not going to happen in anybody’s lifetime. Thanks to the hard work of mathematician Gerald Eichstaedt and animator Sean Doran, the two were able to provide an incredible view of the planet. Eichstaedt spent 60 hours […]
  • (Facebook Photo)

    Florida sheriffs lasso an alligator from a backyard pool

    The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office in Florida posted a video on Facebook that shows an alligator being pulled from the bottom of a backyard pool.
  • darcy

    12-year-old shocks ‘America’s Got Talent’ judges with ventriloquism

    A young girl exhibited a voice beyond her years when she showed off her singing ability in a ventriloquist act on the TV show "America's Got Talent."
  • dog

    Dog interrupts live news broadcast, anchor is surprised

    A news anchor at a Russian broadcast station got a surprise when she was interrupted -- on live television -- by a friendly dog.
  • (Image by

    92-year-old Marine veteran becomes bride’s ‘something blue’

    A bride in Missouri got a special gift from her uncle, a 92-year-old Marine World War II veteran: He served as his niece's "something blue."
  • starship

    ‘Star Wars’ destroyer costs less than an Nimitz-class aircraft carrier

    Ever wonder how much the battleships of “Star Wars” would cost if they were real life space ships? How about less than what the U.S. Military spends for a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. The cost of a star destroyer would only $225 million according to, which priced it using a formula of converting galactic credits to dollars […]
  • ryan

    ‘Price is Right’ contestant breaks ‘Plinko’ record, goes crazy

    A record-breaking round of "Plinko" on The Price is Right seemed like a dream come true for a contestant named Ryan, who went bonkers on the TV game show.
  • (Screenshot)

    This video of a puppy getting freaked out by a fidget spinner will make your day

    Kids love them, parents hate them and, apparently, puppies are afraid of them. But this video of a dog getting scared by a fidget spinner will make your day.
  • British musician Elton John performs during his Wonderful Crazy Night Tour 2017 at Montana State University in Bozeman, Mont., Tuesday, March 8, 2017. (Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez/Montana State University via AP)

    More than 40 years later, three Elton John hits finally get music videos

    It may have taken more than four decades, but three of Elton John's biggest hits have finally gotten their own music videos.