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  • phoenix-wind1

    Hilarious memes to get a laugh as Phoenix roasts in a heat wave

    In case you haven't heard, it's been brutally hot outside in the Valley -- so here are the best memes inspired by the cruel weather.
  • gymnast

    91-year-old gymnast completes impressive routine

    A 91-year-old woman looked plenty youthful when she performed an impressive gymnastics routine during a competition in Berlin.
  • old_man_metallica

    Old man jams out to Metallica in his car

    Watch this old man thrash to some of Metallica's 1980s hits in his Ford Focus.
  • (Screenshot)

    Father goes shopping for a lunchbox, buys toolbox, hilarity ensues

    A man filmed himself going on a shopping trip for a new lunchbox for his son -- but he wasn't satisfied with the lunchbox selection he saw.
  • (Twitter Photo/@dylanmonroeTTU)

    Wendy’s, nearby store wage war of words on storefront signs

    A Wendy's hamburger joint in Lubbock, Texas engaged in a war of words using marquee signs against a nearby ice and tea store.
  • (YouTube screenshot)

    Bat-Signal lights up Los Angeles in tribute to Adam West

    Los Angeles became Gotham City Thursday night as the Bat-Signal glowed at City Hall in honor of late Batman actor Adam West.
  • (Screenshot)

    No more road rage: Man installs friendlier horns in car

    Whenever we use a car horn in our daily lives, it's mainly for a road rage related incident, but one man wanted a friendlier horn to communicate better.
  • (Screenshot)

    Woman grabs car door handle, gets taken for ride on freeway

    A likely road-rage confrontation on a Southern California freeway this week not only went sideways, as they are prone to do, but also action-movie crazy.
  • (Chicago Police Department Facebook Photo)

    Dog falls into Lake Michigan, gets rescued by Chicago police officer

    A police officer came to the rescue after a dog fell into Lake Michigan and couldn't get out, and the officer's great timing was caught on video.
  • dog boy photo

    11-year-old can’t contain emotions when missing dog returns home

    A dog named Jack had been missing from his Buenos Aires family for eight months. When he returned home, his 11-year-old owner couldn't believe his eyes.
  • nasa_concept_rover_mars

    NASA’s Mars rover concept is something out of a Batman movie

    NASA is thinking far ahead in developing a Mars rover that not only can roll over the foreign landscape but will transport the first human visitors.
  • dad surprise

    Teen receives gift from his deceased dad on 16th birthday

    A 16-year-old boy went into a music shop with his mom, read his card and then received a surprise gift from his deceased father.
  • Capture

    Man dives into moving car being driven by seizure victim on wrong side of road

    A man in northern Illinois didn't hesitate to literally jump to action when he saw a car veering on the road.
  • Mandy Harvey photo

    Deaf woman amazes crowd with song on ‘America’s Got Talent’

    Mandy Harvey, 29, was on stage at "America's Got Talent" needing her interpreter, but amazed the crowd and judges with her song "Try."
  • 12342134

    Nightmare material in Texas, where rattlesnakes are found in toilets

    There are not many places that have a true sense of vulnerability like sitting on the toilet.