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  • Baboons: Taking back South Africa

    Baboons are taking back their homeland.
  • Hyundai removes suicide ad from YouTube

    Hyundai has removed its recent suicide-related commercial from YouTube after the Korean automotive company originally pulled the advertisement.
  • Restaurant manager posts racial slurs about customer

    A Hockessin, Del., restaurant manager posted racist comments concerning a poor tipper on a social networking site.
  • Alicia from KTAR’s Wallet Watchers earns spot on Jimmy Kimmel

    Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘This Week in Unnecessary Censorship’ featured a little bit of Arizona. Alicia Markham, from Alicia’s Deals and KTAR’s Wallet Watchers, had part of her clip bleeped to imply inappropriate language as she explained Earth Day-related deals earlier this week. Give it a watch and make sure to pay attention at the :30 mark.
  • ‘Pong’ reborn on a museum

    The classic video game "Pong" found itself alive on the side of a Philadelphia museum.
  • Cursing news anchor makes show rounds

    A.J. Clemente is getting more air time for being fired than he did as a short-lived news anchor for a North Dakota TV station. Clemente lost his job Monday, a day after muttering curses while his mike was on. In his professional debut. He explained to the ‘Today’ personalities Wednesday morning that he was unaware […]
  • Hyundai promotes creativity when designing future mobility

    The Hyundai Idea Festival is a platform designed to enhance and expand creativity of the company's research and development staff centered in Korea, where unique concepts for single-person future mobility can be shared.
  • Jimmy Kimmel fools Coachella 2013 fans

    The 2013 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival was filled with a number of bands whom very few people likely know.
  • Senator fine with drone killing armed robber

    A U.S. senator said Monday that he would have no problem with an ordinary armed robber being killed by a drone.
  • Chandler firefighter dives headfirst after car keys

    Sometimes all you can do is dive in.
  • Report: Person sells Jodi Arias gallery seat for $200

    Just when we thought the Jodi Arias trial couldn't get any stranger, people started selling seats.
  • Boy gets back treasured shirt left on plane

    Score one for Delta Airlines. Workers for the air carrier went above and beyond to find a shirt that meant the world to a 7-year-old boy from North Dakota. The T-shirt belonged to Cole Holzer’s father, who passed away two years ago. The shirt has become a constant and comforting reminder of Brian Holzer. Cole […]
  • Wringing out a washcloth in space? Good luck

    Cleaning gets a whole new meaning when you're in space.
  • Bombing suspect mislabeled as Zooey Deschanel

    A captioning mishap left actress Zooey Deschanel as a Boston Marathon bombing suspect.
  • Anchor: ‘It’s as though a bomb had dropped’ in Watertown

    A CNN anchor made an out-of-line comment Friday to describe the scene in Watertown, Mass., as authorities searched for the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings.