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The Lasso

  • 105-year-old woman: Bacon is key to longevity

    Can it be true?
  • Guy dancing on a treadmill goes viral

    Working is not be terrible, at least for this guy.
  • Baby duck can’t keep its eyes open

    Someone must have stayed up watching late-night TV.
  • CNN, HLN host ‘satellite’ interviews from same Phoenix parking lot

    This may be a complete waste of satellite link-ups.
  • Toddler is over his sister crying

    This kid wishes his sister's cries fell on deaf ears.
  • Baby goat won’t let pig sleep

    Sometimes a nap simply won't happen.
  • Abuse ad targets adults, kids differently

    There is more than meets the eye to a new child abuse ad.
  • Man uses ‘Angry Birds’ to propose to girlfriend

    We get that some people are obsessed with playing "Angry Birds" but this is a bit excessive.
  • Homeless man randomly given $3,000

    The guys at WHATEVER are known for pulling pranks and turning them into viral sensations on YouTube. But after running into a homeless man with a very unique talent during one of their pranks, they decide to do something philanthropic thanks to the power of the Internet and crowd funding.
  • Russian dash cams highlight good deeds

    The videos from dashboard cameras in Russia are often incredibly bizarre.
  • Son pays off mom’s mortgage as birthday gift

    The Internet may have discovered the best son ever.
  • ‘Time’ security cover raises eyebrows

    "Time" magazine is no stranger to bold covers and May 13's edition is no different.
  • The world’s saddest koala

    This koala needs a hug.
  • Univ. of Arizona students speak out against sexual assault

    Remember this gem from the University of Arizona: The guy carrying the "You deserve rape" sign?
  • Penny arcade: Gaming site cashes out shareholders at 56 cents

    An online gaming community has left one of its programmers with 56 cents and diluted stock.