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  • Pat Robertson’s absurd advice

    Pat Robertson still thinks it’s 1913. Listen to his advice to a woman who is having a hard time forgiving her husband after an affair. It’s absurd. “He cheated on you, well, he’s a man” and “stop talking about the cheating.” With quotes as brilliant as these it’s tough to figure out how we still […]
  • Waitress stands on table, yells ‘I am a lesbian’

    That's not something you see everyday.
  • The Loop: Graduation, Whitney Houston and meltdowns

    On this episode of The Loop, I take a look at an unofficial University of Arizona graduation video that, to be fair, was more of a good try, good effort than a hit. I’ll also show you the lady who was taken off a plane simply because she was trying to share the best of […]
  • Spire raised to top of One World Trade Center

    The CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch doesn't want "not-so-cool" people wearing his clothing and that didn't sit well with a lot of people, nor should it have.
  • Even the buildings are tough in Australia

    Avengers, assemble! If only that had been an option for an Australian demolition crew, trying to bring down a 50-year-old silo. According to a news report, the Brisbane structure was scheduled for demolition on Sunday. Packed with over 200 pounds of explosives, the building was expected to go down without a fight. Instead of toppling, […]
  • Scottsdale’s Amy’s Baking Company lashes out on social media

    A Scottsdale, Ariz. restaurant lashed out Monday on Facebook after an online firestorm put them directly in the crosshairs of the Internet.
  • Earth to Mars, an ASU student is calling

    Arizona State University student Dalyn Gilbert hopes to be a man on a mission. To Mars.
  • Airline passenger kicked off flight for singing Whitney Houston songs

    People paid lots of money to hear Whitney Houston perform, but that wasn’t the case for one American Airline passenger who caused an unscheduled landing after continuing to sing “I Will Always Love You.” “The woman was being disruptive and was removed from the plane for interfering with the flight crew,” said a Kansas City […]
  • Singing astronaut one-ups David Bowie

    From the same guy who brought us the amazing water/towel experiment from space, is the world’s first music video shot in space. And a most appropriate choice of songs. International Space Station Commander Chris Hadfield is officially the coolest astronaut around.
  • SNL: Could Jodi Arias boost Benghazi hearings ratings?

    Jodi Arias coverage is everywhere, including "Saturday Night Live."
  • Gas tank prank turns singing couple into viral sensation

    What started out as just another prank by “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno turned into a full-on karaoke concert at a gas station. As Will Sims begins to fill his car with gas at an unidentified station in Burbank, “Pumpcast News” begins to play at his No. 16 tank. About 10 seconds into the broadcast, […]
  • Little girl can’t handle news of mom’s pregnancy

    This girl is just a little bit excited.
  • Cop gives guy ticket, $100 to help him out

    Sometimes it pays to break the law.
  • Ryan Gosling really doesn’t like cereal

    Ryan Gosling may be taking a break from acting, but that doesn’t mean the actor isn’t still the star of one of the Internet’s new viral videos. Director Ryan McHenry put a collection of eight short videos featuring Gosling using the Vine app. In each scene, Gosling refuses a spoonful of cereal aimed at his […]
  • Mom tricks kid into breaking egg on his head

    Magic is fun but only when it works in your favor.