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  • Picture of Taco Bell employee licking tacos goes viral

    Yo no quiero Taco Bell.
  • Fast food chain lets beautiful women eat for free

    It's not what you think.
  • Fox anchor puts male colleagues in their place after reaction to study

    During Wednesday’s edition of the “Lou Dobbs Show,” the Fox News anchor and his all-male panel discussed a recent Pew study that found women were the sole or primary breadwinners in 40 percent of households with children. The findings sent the panel into a bit of an on-air frenzy. Fellow Fox News pundit, Megyn Kelly, […]
  • Storm chaser hit by tornado debris

    Storm chaser Brandon Sullivan and Brett Wright got caught in the tornado that hit northwest of Union City, Oklahoma on Friday. The duo got hit with debris from the tornado after it hits a farm and sheet metal slams into the front of the car.
  • Mother has son arrested for stealing Pop-Tarts

    Whatever happened to, "Go to your room?"
  • High school goes all-out in lip dub

    Songs about high schools based on trendy songs are nothing new and, honestly, they normally are horrible.
  • Patrick Stewart gives emotional response to abuse question

    Patrick Stewart is awesome.
  • Little boy can’t stay awake at the wheel

    Someone needs a nap.
  • Has the Internet found the best workout video ever?

    Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to Prancercise.
  • Dinosaur attacking wedding party wins the Internet

    This is a Tyrannosaurus rex attacking a wedding party.
  • The Loop: Nina Agdal, BFFs and the over-excited eater

    On this episode of The Loop, I talk about why life won’t get better for 17-year-old Jake Davidson, who took model Nina Agdal to his prom. Also, I make a desperate plea for Agdal to join me for dinner. I also take a look at an odd pair of friends: a Dachshund and a lion. […]
  • ‘Hitler’ tea kettle catches eye of Internet

    A tea kettle that apparently looks like Hitler has taken the Internet by blitzkrieg.
  • Storm chasers caught in middle of tornado

    Storm chasing is a crazy business and the videos it produces are even crazier.
  • Boston Marathon victim, aide worker throw out first pitches

    Jeff Bauman, one of the most famous victims from the Boston Marathon bombings, and Carlos Arredondo, the man in the cowboy hat, threw out the first pitch at the Boston Red Sox game on Tuesday.
  • Wedding party takes the plunge after dock sinks

    Couldn't they wait for after the reception to take a dip?