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  • Storm chasers caught in middle of tornado

    Storm chasing is a crazy business and the videos it produces are even crazier.
  • Boston Marathon victim, aide worker throw out first pitches

    Jeff Bauman, one of the most famous victims from the Boston Marathon bombings, and Carlos Arredondo, the man in the cowboy hat, threw out the first pitch at the Boston Red Sox game on Tuesday.
  • Wedding party takes the plunge after dock sinks

    Couldn't they wait for after the reception to take a dip?
  • Cameras follow Calif. teen, swimsuit model date to prom

    Last week we told you about 17-year-old Jake Davidson, whose viral YouTube prom request was turned down by Kate Upton but later accepted by a different Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, Nina Agdal. Thankfully, cameras followed the couple to prom. Davidson seemed nervous when putting the corsage on Agdal’s wrist, though the couple appeared to have […]
  • Laughing man loves food way too much

    Don't get me wrong, I get excited over a good meal like anyone, but this guy takes it too far.
  • Will Smith and Co. go back in time with ‘Fresh Prince’ Rap

    The Fresh Prince of Bel Air hasn’t been on TV since 1996, but that didn’t stop leading man Will Smith from dusting off the show’s theme song during an appearance on BBC America’s Graham Norton Show. Smith along with son Jaden brought down the house with an impressive rendition, but the father and son duo […]
  • ‘Up’ meets Zach Sobiech’s ‘Clouds’

    The legacy of Zach Sobiech, a teen who recently passed way from cancer, continues to grow.
  • ‘Convo with my 2-year-old’ is creepy, but funny

    A conversation with a 2-year-old is an adventure, but a conversation with a 2-year-old reenacted by a grown man is creepy, yet funny.
  • Lion lets his best friend, a dog, clean his teeth

    This dog is a brave, brave soul.
  • Steve Nash, ex-wife fighting over relocation

    PHOENIX — Former Suns All-Star guard Steve Nash is having court issues of another kind, according to TMZ. The gossipers reported Friday morning that the Los Angeles Laker’s ex-wife Alejandra Amarilla has claimed in court documents that he is trying to keep her in Phoenix to prevent having to fork over child support, which she […]
  • Violin played aboard ‘Titanic’ confirmed as real

    That's one tough violin.
  • The Loop: Creepy chiropractor, bad advice and horrible driving

    On this episode of The Loop, I talk about why a Los Angeles chiropractor has confirmed my distaste for the practice and why his ad is one of the creepiest ever.
  • Spider-Man can hoop it up

    Spider-Man made the day of a couple of kids at a basketball court in New York City. The webslinging superhero stopped by a public outdoor court recently and showed off a couple moves. In the video, bystanders debate whether the costumed man is actor Andrew Garfield or not. “The Amazing Spider-Man” star is in New […]
  • Report: Hipsters driving up the price of beer

    Another reason to dislike hipsters? Is it even possible?
  • Man on scooter gets in four crashes, falls into hole

    Something tells me this guy shouldn't be behind the handlebars.