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  • Sophia Grace releases her first music video

    Sophia Grace, who first found fame after being discovered by Ellen DeGeneres, has released her first music video.
  • Phoenix man walks into tree, gets arrested

    Did you hear the one about the guy who walked into a tree and got arrested?
  • Arizona mom asking for donations after daughter breaks feet

    A Peoria, Ariz., mom is asking for online donations after her daughter broke both of her feet while trying to jump into a pool from a roof.
  • Andean bear cub playing at Phoenix Zoo

    An Andean bear cub at the Phoenix Zoo is in good health and was caught on camera playing around on Monday.
  • Kenyan high school jumpers have some hops

    Something tells me fences don't matter to these guys.
  • Cheerios ad causes racial controversy

    This Cheerios ad is creating controversy like it's 1950.
  • Kid makes a case for everyone to stop eating meat

    I may not subscribe to this kid's school of thought, but his argument is pretty tough to deny.
  • Picture of Taco Bell employee licking tacos goes viral

    Yo no quiero Taco Bell.
  • Fast food chain lets beautiful women eat for free

    It's not what you think.
  • Fox anchor puts male colleagues in their place after reaction to study

    During Wednesday’s edition of the “Lou Dobbs Show,” the Fox News anchor and his all-male panel discussed a recent Pew study that found women were the sole or primary breadwinners in 40 percent of households with children. The findings sent the panel into a bit of an on-air frenzy. Fellow Fox News pundit, Megyn Kelly, […]
  • Storm chaser hit by tornado debris

    Storm chaser Brandon Sullivan and Brett Wright got caught in the tornado that hit northwest of Union City, Oklahoma on Friday. The duo got hit with debris from the tornado after it hits a farm and sheet metal slams into the front of the car.
  • Mother has son arrested for stealing Pop-Tarts

    Whatever happened to, "Go to your room?"
  • High school goes all-out in lip dub

    Songs about high schools based on trendy songs are nothing new and, honestly, they normally are horrible.
  • Patrick Stewart gives emotional response to abuse question

    Patrick Stewart is awesome.
  • Little boy can’t stay awake at the wheel

    Someone needs a nap.