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  • Middle school principal tour turns into flash mob

    Kids at Hingham Middle School proved that not every middle school principal is a soulless, authoritative tyrant.
  • The Loop: Singing passengers, a smart monkey and Miss Utah

    On this episode of The Loop, I talk about a flight who was stuck on a Las Vegas tarmac for hours.
  • Pranksters take New York bar back 150 years

    Grab your Delorean and kick it into 88 mph because this prank is going 150 years into the past.
  • Brazilian bar wants you to put down your phone

    If you’re sick and tired of going to a bar and being the third wheel between your date and their phone, a Brazilian bar has you covered. We present to you the “offline glass.” It’s purpose? Save people’s social lives.
  • Florida teen rides whale shark

    19-year-old Chris Kreis got the ride of a lifetime when a giant 50,000 pound whale shark swam past his boat and he decided to hop on.
  • Monkey learns how to work a vending machine

    If having a pet monkey wasn't awesome enough this person decided to train their furry sidekick to retrieve a soda from a vending machine.
  • Man wakes a fallen owl

    After an owl flew straight into a window a friendly do-gooder decided to revive it and got quite the reaction.
  • Miss Utah USA’s, Marissa Powell, pageant response goes viral

    Miss Utah USA was on stage and looking beautiful during Sunday night’s Miss USA pageant. But her chances of wearing the coveted crown took a turn for the worse when she was asked this question: “A recent report shows that in 40 percent of American families with children, women are the primary earners yet they […]
  • Man rescues cat from boa constrictor

    It's a dog-eat-dog world out there, or, in this case, snake-eat-cat.
  • High schoolers release Macklemore parody

    What, what, what, what in the world won’t go viral these days? If you thought the Macklemore song “Thrift Shop” was finally making its way away from airwaves you clearly haven’t seen this nerdy spin on the song. Corinne Kauffman, Cekine Rongos, and Miranda Johnson star in the latest YouTube sensation. Assuming these girls didn’t […]
  • Company stops retouching models, calls for others to do same

    An English company is taking a stand against retouched images that are incredibly common in today's advertising.
  • The Loop: Patriotism, dancing grandma and moose love

    On this episode of The Loop, I talk about an awkward man child whose middle school social life is nearly ruined during the "Star-Spangled Banner."
  • Wendy’s worker eating Frosty straight from machine goes viral

    I get that sometimes you get hungry on the clock, but use a cup and a spoon like everyone else.
  • Flying bike lifts off in Prague

    While we wait for flying skateboards in the year 2015, Czech engineers have already designed the first flying bike.
  • Sinkhole filled with goo scares redditors

    As if the Philadelphia Experiment wasn't enough, the citizens of Philly will now be adding a new item to their list of conspiracy theories.