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  • High schoolers release Macklemore parody

    What, what, what, what in the world won’t go viral these days? If you thought the Macklemore song “Thrift Shop” was finally making its way away from airwaves you clearly haven’t seen this nerdy spin on the song. Corinne Kauffman, Cekine Rongos, and Miranda Johnson star in the latest YouTube sensation. Assuming these girls didn’t […]
  • Company stops retouching models, calls for others to do same

    An English company is taking a stand against retouched images that are incredibly common in today's advertising.
  • The Loop: Patriotism, dancing grandma and moose love

    On this episode of The Loop, I talk about an awkward man child whose middle school social life is nearly ruined during the "Star-Spangled Banner."
  • Wendy’s worker eating Frosty straight from machine goes viral

    I get that sometimes you get hungry on the clock, but use a cup and a spoon like everyone else.
  • Flying bike lifts off in Prague

    While we wait for flying skateboards in the year 2015, Czech engineers have already designed the first flying bike.
  • Sinkhole filled with goo scares redditors

    As if the Philadelphia Experiment wasn't enough, the citizens of Philly will now be adding a new item to their list of conspiracy theories.
  • Filmmaker creates Everest time-lapse video

    Nature is pretty, but when someone goes the extra mile to show areas that few people see, it's that much better.
  • Image of Jesus appears at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport

    If you felt insecure about flying in Phoenix after a threat occurred at Sky Harbor airport, fear no more - God is on your side!
  • School head makes good on ‘Gangnam Style’ promise

    Trust me, I thought "Gangnam Style" was dead.
  • Bambi escapes Colorado fires

    While the other citizens in El Paso County Colorado may not have been as lucky as this little guy, firefighter Colby Helgerson, as identified by the Huffington Post, was seen carrying a baby deer to safety from the harsh fires. Helgerson has not yet made a statement about his rescue mission because he returned to […]
  • Newlyweds’ first dance takes the cake

    A couple’s first dance at their wedding reception is a tradition. Sometimes it’s sweet, sometimes sexy, sometimes simple. Dominique Morrisseau and Jimmy Keys opted for eye-popping entertainment with an eight-minute show that featured several songs and moves that ranged from swing to Latin to dirty dancing to hip-hop. If they keep having this much fun, […]
  • Girl in Cherrios ad responds to critics

    After the not-so-cheery response to a Cheerios commercial the young, bi-racial actress, Grace Colbert, remained blissfully unaware of the controversy her claim to fame had received until recently.
  • Delayed flight’s passengers burst into song

    A round of applause would have been an appropriate response, but honestly, these passengers’ reaction to their flight finally getting underway after several delays is perfect. The Allegiant flight from Las Vegas was bound for Phoenix.
  • Grandma gets down on beach vacation

    What happens on vacation generally stays on vacation.
  • 102-year-old celebrates birthday with base jump

    It's said that with age comes wisdom but that might need a second thought after watching this video.