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  • New Yorkers line up for Ramen Burger

    Waffle tacos. Cronuts. The stranger the carb combination and mix of cuisines, the bigger sensation it will be. Enter: the Ramen Burger.
  • Sen. Jeff Flake tweets after being stung by scorpion

    One Valley insect isn't casting its vote for Sen. Jeff Flake.
  • Chinese zoo tries to pass off large dog as lion

    What sound does a lion make?
  • Man builds most expensive fast food burger

    "Thanks for choosing Jack in the Box. That will be $38.23."
  • Canadians know how to fight small fires

    When it comes to fighting fires, Canadians don't mess around.
  • The Loop: ‘Shark Week,’ doorstep thief and Walmart Vines

    On this episode of The Loop, I talk about what's wrong with "Shark Week."
  • Two javelinas trapped at Sun Devil Stadium

    Someone is excited for football season.
  • Pizza Hut makes delivery to train passenger

    Craving a pizza on the go? Pizza Hut has you covered.
  • San Diego Hooters locations ban mayor Bob Filner

    No shirt, no shoes, no mayor? That’s the new policy at Hooters restaurants in San Diego. According to NBC San Diego, the ban was enacted after San Diego Mayor Bob Filner was accused of making inappropriate advances, including remarks and groping, by more than 10 women. Some are calling for his resignation. The signs read: […]
  • Phoenix police officers buy girl backpack, school supplies

    Two Phoenix police officers made a little girl's day when they bought her a backpack and school supplies last week.
  • Sen. John McCain passed over for Arizona jury duty

  • Slip N’ Slide loop makes teens learn from their mistakes

    While some teens find the "Walmart Ballpit" to be the best use of their times, others are building 12-foot slip n' slide sloops to defy gravity.
  • Forget old-school sobriety tests and just bust a move

    Drunk-driving is no laughing matter, but this dude surely is.
  • Delta passenger’s confirmation code goes viral

    No way am I getting on that plane.
  • No bowl required: Hello, ramen burger

    As any college student or starving artist knows, ramen noodles are an easy, cheap dish to prepare. One pot, one bowl. Bam. One man is changing all that. Keizo Shimamoto of Los Angeles has given the world the ramen burger, which made its debut last week in New York, for the princely sum of $8. […]