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The Lasso

  • Two men destroy BMW near auto show

    We've all been frustrated by an unreliable car before, but you know what really puts the mileage on? A sledgehammer.
  • Report: Scottsdale Costco offering $17K bottle of scotch

    That's one expensive drink.
  • Time-lapse of Costa Concordia salvage

    For the first time in nearly two years, the Costa Concordia is standing upright along the coast of Italy.
  • Thai commercial shows why it’s good to help those in need

    Excuse me while I go donate almost everything I own and volunteer until I can't stand up anymore.
  • Clown creeping out Northampton, England

    Taking a page right out of a Stephen King novel, one Northampton, England man has been dressing up in a red wig and creepy white clown makeup and just standing on streets.
  • Magazine publishes in-depth look at Granite Mountain Hotshots

    A magazine has published an in-depth look at the stories of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, 19 of which were killed battling the Yarnell Hill Fire in June.
  • Arizona to get its first Steak ‘n Shake restaurant

    Arizonans, start your diets now so you can break it later.
  • Chipotle injects its values into marketing with new animated video

    "The Scarecrow" makes the case to viewers that caged livestock, growth hormones and processed foods are all big buzz kills.
  • Dog alerts parents to babysitter’s abuse

    Now THAT'S a good dog.
  • Same-sex Home Depot proposal goes viral

    What do you get when you mix a same-sex proposal, Home Depot and a small flash mob?
  • Kmart releases Christmas ad in September

    Did someone hit "upload" a little too early?
  • Dad dons short shorts to teach daughter a lesson

    Those shorts aren't very becoming and that was the point.
  • Jimmy Kimmel pulls carpet out from under fashion lovers

    Fashionistas know their stuff, people. They do! Unless late-night host Jimmy Kimmel is throwing the names of nonexistent designers at them and they pretend to know exactly who it is. Kimmel’s Lie Witness News team prowled the streets at Fashion Week quizzing the willing, steadfast bluffers.
  • NASA camera captures airborne frog during launch

    Someone is having a bad day.
  • French betting ads poke fun at major tragedies

    If you're easily offended, it's probably best to move on.