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Trending with Rob Hunter: Water bar, Thomas Guiry, and Stephen Colbert

What’d you miss this week in the news? Let me fill you in on three of the biggest stories this week.

There’s a restaurant in Los Angeles that has a serious water menu. Yes, a menu of WATER. It features 20 differenty types of water from all around the world. People are actually buying it, and for a hefty price compared to your tap water at home.

Thomas Guiry played Smalls on “The Sandlot.” He was arrested at the Houston airport this week but all you need to know is that his mug shot is priceless.

Daft Punk was supposed to show up on Stephen Colbert’ “The Colbert Report,” but there was a dispute with MTV and Daft Punk canceled at the last minute. Colbert made the best of the situation with a hilarious music video to their song “Get Lucky.”

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